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Is Windows 7 Still Supported with Security Updates?

is windows 7 still supported

The versions of Windows expire. A few years ago, users of this operating system suffered the end of support for Windows XP. Well, now it’s the turn to Windows 7 and Windows Vista, two operating systems that will stop having the support of Microsoft sooner rather than later. In this article, we are going to discuss is windows 7 still supported?

Yes. Windows 7 is still supported. What does this mean? Well, the Redmond Company will stop providing automatic security updates and technical assistance. This is an important circumstance. Because this also means to stop having the necessary protections against any attack of malware, viruses, spyware and other malicious codes. Before using kmspico for Windows 7, you should careful to use these type of activation.

Is windows 7 still supported?

A rumor has been spreading all over the world. Is windows 7 still supported? At this point, it is vital that you consider something. Microsoft distinguishes the support offered to the versions of its operating systems in two types. First of all there is the standard technical support: it is the one offered by Microsoft Corporation for a minimum of 5 years and it begins to count from the moment in which the product comes onto the market. This support can be extended for two more years if you turn 5, a new version of Windows appears.

Then we have extended technical support. During this process, users can still receive patches and security fixes, but the operating system is no longer complemented with new features.

When will Microsoft stop support?

The first thing you have to know is what version of operating system you have installed on your computer. Although it seems obvious to you, there are many users who do not know it. To check, access the desktop and right-click on the My Computer icon. Choose the Properties option. Here is the version number of Windows.

Now you can check when you will stop receiving support from Microsoft:

Windows XP. This version stopped having the support of the company on April 8, 2014. If you have a computer that still works with Windows XP. You would have to consider changing it or moving to a new version.

Windows Vista. This will be the operating system that will soon stop enjoying the support of Microsoft (extended support). You have time to resolve this situation until April 11, 2017. Less than one month left.

Windows 7. There is still a long way to go before we receive updates, although this version has been in the extended support phase for some time now. Microsoft’s deadline is January 14, 2020. Hence the importance of streamlining the transition process to a new version.

What happens if we do not update the Windows?

At first, nothing will happen. In fact, you can continue to use your computer normally, although if you still work with Windows Vista or Windows 7. It is likely that your computer is already a few years old. This may be a good time to change computers or to ask an installer. If you do not know how to do it – to try to optimize the performance of your computer and update it to a newer version.

The problems may come later. If you spend too much time using an operating system that does not receive updates, you can get into a mess. When the owner of a platform like this stops supporting a certain version. No matter how many users you have, it opens the doors for hackers to start acting.

Your version of the operating system will no longer have the necessary security patches and will not be protected against emerging threats. Luckily, Windows Vista was not an overly successful operating system. Currently, the market share of this version is 1%: 14 million users.

The only viable option is to upgrade into Windows 10. It is the latest version and can provide us with more long-term security guarantees. The version has a price of 16- to 170 dollars. However, if our team does not meet the necessary requirements (and it would not be surprising, given that you will already have a few years) we may be forced to change computers.

You should know, well, that the requirements to install Windows 10 on a computer are the following. You must have a processor at 1 GHz CPU or even faster, 1 GB of RAM (32 bits) or 2 GB of RAM (64 bits), 16 GB (32 bits) or 20 GB (64 bits) of disk space and a graphics card for DirectX9 video with a WDDM driver.

Check all these parameters and get up and running as soon as possible. Time isn’t against you! Hopefully, you get the answer to is windows 7 still supported?