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How to Install Xcode on Windows 10, 8 or 8.1 and 7 for iOS SDK

How to Install Xcode for Windows

Developing any application for Linux and Windows operating system is the easiest whereas its the toughest in developing an application for Mac operating system is. In order to build any random application for Mac, developers require SDK also known as Xcode format. It comprises of the developmental tool which is particularly designed for Apple operating systems such as IOS and Mac OS.

You cannot use SDK code for any other operating system besides using Xcode for Mac. There are different varieties of compatibility issues behind the unavailability of Code for Windows and Code for Linux. However, you can still install Code for windows by following the below mentioned detailed steps.

Let us find out how to install XCode for Windows detailed steps.

How to install XCode for Windows

The SDK  toolkit comprises of certain development tool which provides comfortable Asset Management on how to install Code on Windows. You need to use Oracle VirtualBox in order to do the needful.

Requirements for Code  for Windows 7, 8, or 8.1, and 10

  • On a full-fledged Mac operating system, you need to install VMware or Virtualbox application.
  • Install Code package from Apple official site where you need on a full-fledged Mac operating system, you need to install VMware or VirtualBox application.
  • Install Code package from Apple official site where you need to input your official Apple ID for downloading Code for Apple.
  • You should have dual-core Intel processor and a minimum 2GB RAM.
  • hardware virtualization

In case you are a professional application developer, you need to place an order for Apple hardware. Also, you will be required to import or Code on Apple hardware while testing the developed application. Since we are using VirtualBox for installing Code on Windows, you should ensure that Mac OS X is working on the machine.

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Steps for Installing Xcode for Windows 10, 8.1 or 8 and 7 PC / Laptop

  • Download our install Virtualbox on your Windows laptop/computer.
  • Immediately install OS X Mavericks ISO as the virtual machine right after you install VirtualBox in your device.
  • The next step is generating a virtual machine in the Oracle VirtualBox by clicking the open VirtualBox and pressing new option.
  • A prompt appearing your name and operating system will appear on the screen. Choose to write OS X as your name and Mac OS X in place of Operating system. 32-bit version and click next option.Virtual Box Machine
  • Immediately select the size of the RAM for the virtual machine point you at least require 1GB of RAM. Select the memory size and hit next option.Create Virtual machine memo
  • Choose and generate the type of virtual hardware drive file and also select the type of hardware file as VirtualBox image/ VDI. It is recommended to choose VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image) in the next ISO image. Hit nextCreate virtual hard drives
  • Choose the physical hard drive as dynamically allocated. After that you need to assign the file location and Android size from the physical hard drive write in your gadget. Hit upon creating option.virtual hard drive
  • You have finally created a virtual machine on your VirtualBox that need to Mount ISO file that has been already downloaded by you. In order to do that, visit settings -> storage -> load ISO -> file -> OK -> start.virtual machine
  • Subsequently, just follow the onscreen steps of OS X boot as prompted by the wizard and you will be installed with Oracle virtual.
  • Visit the Safari Browser from the official app store and sign in using your Apple ID and password as available in the image.
  • Right after you sign in, type Code over the search option for getting a complete package. It would immediately showcase the related applications. Allocate Code from various application and click on free and download option. Hit ok.
  • After executing the installation process, launch it using the applications. You need to provide root credentials for achieving convenient access to install Xcode components that allow altering your system settings. Input your name and password. Hit ok.
  • You have successfully executed all the important steps for installing Xcode on Windows desktop/laptop.

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