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Make Your Company Attractive to New Hires: Easy Tips and Tricks

Make Your Company Attractive to New Hires

In 2023, job markets are more fierce and competitive than ever before. Companies are on a mission to hire the best possible talent but many of them are struggling to do so – and this is something that your company might relate to. The good news is that there are many effective (and easy) ways you can make your company attractive to potential new hires. Doing this will ensure that you:

  • Hire the best talent
  • Boost your industry reputation

It’s a no-brainer when you think about it.

So, where should you begin?

Follow these easy tips and tricks to make your company attractive to new hires.

Undergo Digital Transformation

Firstly, your company needs to undergo a digital transformation. By doing this, you can attract younger, tech-minded employees, such as ones who have recently graduated from university. However, what exactly is a digital transformation?

In a nutshell, a digital transformation is when digital technology is integrated across key business areas. A good example would be the recent explosion of cloud-based apps and services that businesses have started to use. As a result, millions of employees have been able to work remotely from home because they can access everything they need, such as files and documents, from the ‘cloud’. Without these apps and services, companies simply can’t allow employees to work remotely. When you consider the fact that 61% of people are working from home because they want to (CNBC), it becomes obvious why a digital transformation is so important.

Naturally, a digital transformation can’t happen overnight. However, it doesn’t take a year to achieve either. To get started, here’s a guide to digital transformation for business owners. By reading this guide, you can understand the ins and outs of digital transformation and how it can ultimately take your company to the next level.

Have an Exciting Company Culture

To truly thrive in today’s world, a company needs to have an exciting company culture that people can get on board with. This type of culture comes from company values, such as inclusion, trust, and creativity. Without values, it’s very difficult to create a lasting company culture.

Be Active on Social Media Platforms and LinkedIn

Next, your company needs to be active on social media platforms and LinkedIn.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are widely regarded as essentials. Not only are they great for communicating with customers, but they’re also great for showcasing company culture and attracting new employees.

The same applies to LinkedIn. It’s important to note that around 72% of new recruiters use LinkedIn when hiring new talent – and your company should be doing the same. There are over 875 million – yes, million – LinkedIn users around the world. That’s a huge pool of talent that you can tap into, so make sure to use LinkedIn to your advantage.

Offer Rewards and Benefits

It’s important to offer your employees rewards and benefits as an incentive. Good examples of this include:

  • Referral programs
  • Paid holidays
  • Development programs
  • Gift cards and discounts
  • Flexible hours

Whichever rewards and benefits you offer to employees in the future, you should include them in your job postings. Otherwise, employees won’t know what you have to offer.

Showcase Employee Case Studies

On your website and social media pages, you can post testimonial videos from employees who discuss the benefits of working for your company. This is a great way to provide potential new hires with solid evidence that you’re a great company to work for.

Offer Remote Interviews

In the age of remote work, your company must offer potential new hires the opportunity to have remote interviews. For example, if an employee lives 1 hour away from your office, then it’s a long way for them to travel for an interview. Luckily, a remote interview, such as one done via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, is a great solution. Also, it can help to reduce the nerves that are usually involved in face-to-face interviews. Research shows that 93% of people feel nervous at job interviews, which is why it’s a smart idea to offer remote interviews as well as in-person ones.

Have a Clear Vision

When your company has a clear and exciting vision (e.g., to be the biggest web design company in your city), you can communicate this to potential new hires. Then, once new hires understand the direction that you’re planning to go in, it can boost their motivation to join you. The better your vision, the more people you can hire – simple.

Summary: Final Thoughts

Attracting new hires isn’t an easy job. However, you can boost your company outlook by following each tip discussed above, from undergoing a digital transformation to offering employee rewards and benefits. Over time, you should find that you see positive results from this. Good luck.