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TheOneSpy – Best Android Phone Tracking App in 2021

Best Android Phone Tracking App

Smartphone technology over the years has made its way to the next level and Android OS reportedly is been at the top and till date. On the other hand, technology has been taken a step further ahead and today spy apps have developed. There are millions of people that look forward to having android monitoring apps. Usually, spy software is being used to spy on someone’s cell phone activities without taking their consent. But over the years, consent in some cases won’t necessary if you are being parents or employers own the target device. These kinds of apps provide you multi-dimensional features. It lets you track social media logs, read text messages, GPS location, and even record calls incoming and outgoing. Working in the spy industry for so long am here to present the best android phone spyware in 2021.

Why TheOneSpy is the Best Android Spy App in 2021?

The spyware app for Android is intended for parents and employers that want to set parental control on teens for their online safety and to make the check on the employees at workplace respectively. You can remotely track all the activities happen on the target cell phone device remotely very after you have installed the monitoring software for Android on the target device. Moreover, you can spy on the target android device by using the control panel of the surveillance app for android. You can get your hands on the target device data and remotely perform spying activities and get to know all the hidden information you need the most.

How to Install Best Phone Spy App for Android?

Step1: Subscribe for TheOneSpy cell phone spy app

The very initial step that you need to take is to visit TheOneSpy website and then you need to subscribe for mobile phone tracking app. When you have the subscription then you will receive an email alongside passcode and ID.

Step2: Get Physical access on android 

Now you need to have physical possession of the target android device and once you have it then get started with the installation process. After you have finished the installation process successfully then activate it on the target device. However, during the activation you will see a pop–up appears on the android screen. Now take the assistance and make android spy app hidden and complete the activation.

Step3: Use Credentials & get access to the online control panel

Now user the credentials and get access to the web portal and visit all the android monitoring features. You can use it to do surveillance on the target device remotely and effectively. Let’s discuss the core features of TheOneSpy.

TheOneSpy –Android Spy App Features


You can remotely control MIC and record surrounds control the front and back camera and record surround videos and capture photos respectively.

Call recording

The end-user can record all incoming and outgoing calls in real-time using secret call recorder.

Live screen recording

You can perform live screen recording on Android and get to know chrome activities, social media activities, emails, SMS and other alike in real-time

GPS location tracker

You can track the GPS location of your target device and you can even get to know GPS location history and even you can mark safe and restricted areas.

IM’s Social Media

An end-user can get social messaging apps logs in terms of text messages, text conversations, shared media files such as photos and videos and audio and video conversations alongside VOICE Messages.


That’s why TheOneSpy mobile phone monitoring app for Android is the best of the best tool that is effective for digital parenting and even for employee monitoring.