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What is the Festival of Ramadan?

Festival of Ramadan

Islamic Festival of Ramadan?

The holy month of Ramadan is expected to begin on Wed, Mar 22, 2023. The royal observatory located in London also shared the picture of the first crescent New Moon for signifying the beginning of Ramadan.

Why do we Celebrate Ramadan?

Ramzan is also called Ramadan interchangeably. It is one of the hottest months in the Islamic calendar. The exact days of beginning and the end of Ramadan are based upon lunar cycle. The ninth month is known to be the month of scorching heat according to the Arabic calendar. It is the hottest time of the year in every part of the world. Therefore, it goes without saying that the pious festival is celebrated in the hottest month of the year through rigorous fasting. The followers are restricted from consuming even a drop of water or food right from Dawn to dusk.

What is Special About Ramadan?

Unbelievably, the month of fasting has enormous positivity in it. Fasting is among the five pillars of Islam. It is indeed a mandatory act that accounts for one to be a true Muslim. The remaining four pillars remain pilgrimage to Mecca, prayers, charity, and faith in the Almighty.

The hard rules of fasting require the devotees to abstain from swearing, drinking, eating, smoking, intimacy, and other sinful activities throughout the daylight hours. The meals are served early before Dawn and after sunset. The food consumed before the sunlight is called suhoor while the one after sunset is called iftar.

Why do Muslims need to fast in Ramadan?

The main purpose of fasting during the month of Ramadan is to devote our mind in prayers to the almighty. Also, we express gratitude to the one who gave us survival. The act of fasting gives a lot of pain and agony to the human body. It is a way to ask for forgiveness for all the sins committed. Also, it helps the needy ones in one way.

The religion texts clearly state that Quran Sharif was revealed during the month of Ramzan. The holy book guides mankind and allows one to know the difference between right and wrong.

Everyone who has achieved puberty is expected to fast throughout the holy month of Ramzan. Exceptionally if a woman is breastfeeding, sick or if someone is suffering from Medical condition and disability can take a backseat from fasting. A Muslim who smokes, eat or drinks publicly are taken as a minor offense in the community of Muslims. In fact, in some places, people are even fined and put behind the bars because of not fasting during Ramadan.

Why do Ramzan dates keep changing every year?

The month of Ramzan is primarily decided by the moon cycle. Every year Moon moves back around 11 days based on the Gregorian calendar. The precise date of Ramzan is confirmed when the moon is sighted close to the lunar cycle. Officially, the month of Ramzan begins after sighting the first Crescent new moon.