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How to Monitor Your Child’s Phone Remotely

How to Monitor Your Child's Phone Remotely
How to Monitor Your Child's Phone Remotely

As technology is progressing, what’s progressing more is our generation. Each passing day the babies born are more and more tech-savvy than we ever were. Not just this, they use gadgets as they learned it from their mother’s womb. While this may be a good thing, and many of these children might turn out to be scientists or engineers, there is always an opportunity cost to everything.

As I mentioned above, kids are smarter than they ever were, which makes it essential for the parents to keep an eye on them. As a parent, you must know what your children are up to and what they are viewing on their phones and tablets.

While many people might argue that you can always turn on age restrictions, but there are many ways that the children can learn to bypass the restrictions, and by the time you get to know about it, it might be very late. And as they say “Prevention is better than cure”, so make sure that you are always ahead of time.

Today, we will check the best cell phone monitoring app: Cocospy, which helps you monitor your child’s gadget remotely so you can always save your children from the negatives of the internet before it is too late.

Use Cocospy to Monitor Your Child’s Activities

Cocospy is a popular tracking system used in almost 190 + countries by millions of parents around the world. This amazing software has also allowed them to check on their kids and monitor further details from their phones to save them from the dark side of the internet.

Cocospy helps you to access, amongst other items, the saved contacts, emails, search history, Current location, and posts on social media. All these and more can be viewed globally through a web-based interface that works well with all devices.


The stealth mode feature on Cocospy works on both iOS and Android. You need to set up an account first before you can monitor either of the platforms. In both cases, no rooting or jailbreaking is required before using this application.

With the help of Cocospy, any iOS device with the 7.0 update and above can be tracked without installing any app of software. All you need are the iCloud credentials of the target you want to spy on. Also, make sure the two-step verification is disabled.

In Android, however, you have to access your child’s phone once for a one-time installation. After that, you will not have to touch it again. Your job is to wait for the results remotely via the dashboard panel.

How to Spy on Your Child’s Iphone Using Cocospy

Cocospy is no less than Aladdin’s Genie when it comes to spying. No jailbreak is needed to use this application. That is not it; you do not have to download the app on the target phone, this way, no one can ever know that they are being spied on. Cocospy is cloud-based software, so you only need the iCloud credentials for the target, and you are good to go.

Visit the Cocospy website online. Register your account using an email address and password. Make sure you read about the software on the home page.

Next click to start with the Apple symbol. You’ll see all the Cocospy plans that are available.

Pick and buy a plan that fits your surveillance needs.

You will then receive an email verifying the confirmation, signing in information, and setting up guidance.

Use the login information to sign in to the account after the mail

Confirm the iCloud details for the target phone. After doing so, choose to proceed with spying the device you want to track.

Once you’ve configured Cocospy and the iCloud, you’ll see the dashboard on the screen.

How To Spy On Your Child's Iphone Using CocospyCalls, addresses, emails, and everything else saved on the device can be accessed remotely. To display the information, just click on each of the buttons.

How to Spy on Your Child’s Android Using Cocospy

If your target phone is an Android, you will have to install the Cocospy app. This is a device of less than 2 M capacity that will only require less than 5 minutes to complete the setup. Make sure you give app permissions that the device needs to work correctly. Moreover, you will not have to worry about rooting your Android, the app works perfectly without any root. What more can you ask for? Check the best cell phone monitoring app here.

Once you have downloaded the app, visit the Cocospy website, and make an account using your email address.

Next, choose Android as your target phone operator.

Select the most suitable plan for you.

You will receive a verification mail on your email address. Follow the guide and the steps to set up the account.

Once you have set up your account, you will be able to see the dashboard where you can monitor your child’s activities without them knowing.