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Top Android Games That Can be Played Offline

Best Offline Games for Android

With the advent of Smartphones and their rampant popularity, Mobile Gaming has established itself as one of the major sources of killing time as well as entertainment. However, it is not possible, neither mandatory to have an active internet connection at all times. Hence, offline games have been introduced in markets that do not need mobile data or Wi-Fi. There are thousands of such amazing games available on the Google Play Store which can be downloaded over the internet and then enjoyed in a network zone also.

Here is a list of best offline games for Android which are amazing as far as the game concept and user experience are considered, as well as provide the liberty of operating even without an internet connection.

Routine duties, work pressure, and daily responsibilities can cause fatigue and burnout. One needs to take interval breaks to recharge and refresh the mind for maximum productivity. One of the most amazing and fun ways to enjoy and refresh the mind is playing android games offline.

Smartphones are a good companion when it comes to gaming. Thousands of Android games are available on Play Store and require a stable and strong internet connection to play. However when in places with poor or no network connection you can opt for offline Android games that can be played anywhere, anytime.

Here is the List of Best Offline Games for Android

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars is a game ported from PC to Android only because of the immense popularity it has amassed in a short time span. This game also belongs to the role-playing genre. The gameplay has a long story and the character develops based on the choices made by the player. There is a help segment in the game too which can be used to solve any queries that the player might have. Packed with beautiful graphics, the game cannot be finished in a short span and therefore, would be a worthy choice for people who like to play a single game over time.

Darts King

The lover of sports games must download this simple and addictive game. The single-player mode is available for offline gaming which makes it a worthy option for anybody who just wants to kill some time. There is a practice mode for beginners which helps new players get the hang of the game. The game is complete with achievement levels & a leadership board.

Smash Hit

Arcade gamers also have a thrilling option available in offline games. The player needs to throw balls at different hurdles and obstacles along the way. The ball-throwing action needs to be coordinated with sound & music and the player loses balls if hit by any of the obstacles on the way. An excellent game for some light mood entertainment, Smash Hit is a smashing hit amongst gamers.

Big Little Farmer

For a moment get your hands dirty on the farm. Cultivate, harvest, and sell your products. Build an agriculture empire through farm products and experience the life of a farmer by playing Big Little Farmer. It’s a family-friendly game.

Quizoid – Trivia

For the lovers of puzzles and quizzes. It comes with over 7000 questions which are divided into six different levels. The questions are drawn from Literature and Arts, Geography, Mathematics, Religion, Language, Medical Science, Mythology, and Famous People.

Special Forces Group 2 – Action (FPS)

It’s considered a fast-paced game compared to others. It can be played as a single-player or in multiplayer mode. It comes with different gameplay: Capture the Flag, Classic, Bomb Mode, Resurrection, and Zombie Modes. Each team has six characters, three shotguns, seven pistols, four submachine guns, and other weapons to help win the war.

Overkill 3 – Action

This is a hardcore action game with quite impressive gameplay. The game is endless and revolves around the concept of protecting a generator. The game is endless, and the generator also helps defeat the enemy by zapping them with high-voltage electricity from time to time. In the action genre, this game is a top choice in both offline, as well as online modes for Android, and action lovers must download it.

Here your work is to defend the Generator who through high-voltage lightning helps you to destroy your enemies.

In this game, there is the presence of cruel people who destroy everyone that doesn’t obey them. Your work is to save innocent people and destroy the bad guys.

Eternium: Mage and Minions

Eternium is similar to Diablo and Torchlight but with added features. Here you can play as a warrior or a mage using an ax or a sword and be creative to learn and use new tricks. Adventures include jumping inside dark caves, exploring forests, and traveling to the moon to fight and kill horrible unknown creatures amongst the canyons and craters.

SoulCraft – Action RPG – Roleplaying

This is probably one of the best role-playing games that Android has to offer. Taking Mobile gaming to another level altogether, the game has breathtaking graphics. The game also features different modes such as Crystal Defense or Hell gate. It will definitely resonate with gamers who love to play the warrior and play along with the mission of defeating death.

It is said to be for warriors who have played defeated crime and ultimate death games. This game features locations like Rome, New York, Venice, Hamburg, and Egypt and has beautiful graphics. It can be played in different modes such as arena, crystal defense, time run, Hellgate, and boss fights.

Legend of Darkness

In this game to go to the next level, your hero has to destroy monsters. The stronger the monster you kill the better the award you get. The gist of the game is you keep creating equipment with available materials being helped from Abyss.

Alto’s Odyssey

The mechanics of the game are very easy to learn. The player controls by performing air flips and jumping. There are slopes and colorful graphics of obstacles and intersections.

Crossy Road

This game is family-friendly and especially for kids. Here you tactfully guide a chicken to crossroads, streams, and other obstacles. It has over 150 characters.

In conclusion

The list of games is endless, there are thousands of games in different genres that you can think of that can be played with Android offline.

This list shall definitely help you select some of the best offline games from different genres available on Android. Also, playing offline also removes the continuous annoyance of ads or lost connection due to internet issues. So download and enjoy!

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