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Benefits of Amazon PPC: How Paid Advertising Can Boost Your eCommerce Sales

How Paid Advertising Can Boost Your eCommerce Sales

Amazon is a great online platform for making sales if you own an e-commerce business and want to sell your products. As such, it offers a chance to advertise, build brand awareness, and sell fast. And with Amazon PPC, it gets even better!

Amazon PPC is what helps sellers boost the visibility of their products to get more clicks, views, sales, and loyal customers. However, sellers are increasingly using Amazon PPC to rank higher in the Amazon search bar. That’s why it’s vital to implement a great advertising strategy to reach your goals as easily as you can.

This article explores Amazon PPC and how it can boost your e-commerce sales, so read on if you want to learn more.

What Is Amazon PPC?

Amazon PPC (pay-per-click) refers to advertising via Amazon’s platform for ads called Amazon Seller Central. On Amazon, you only pay when a potential customer clicks on an ad rather than paying when they view an ad. 

Amazon PPC services can help you get more customers, make more sales, and build brand awareness. But maybe the most significant advantage of using Amazon advertising is that once you place a product on Amazon, users looking for it will already be ready to buy it. 

Note that there are Three Primary Amazon PPC Ad Types:

Sponsored Products

Sponsored product ads drive listings to the first SERP (search result page) and add them to product pages with a sponsored tag.

Sponsored Brands

A sponsored brand ad will include the logo of your brand, a headline, and several items in an advertisement on the SERP, with a sponsored brand tag. However, you’ll have to enroll your brand with Amazon. Once you do that and get approved, you can build an excellent landing page. That is where your ads will push to and where you can display your best products and much more.

Sponsored Display

A sponsored display ad features your item on the product information page and below the “add to cart” button.

How Does Amazon Advertising Work?

Amazon PPC works on an auction basis. For each click, there’s a charge, and each targeted keyword holds a different value. Each advertiser places the bid value on a particular keyword and the amount they are willing to pay for a click. Everyone who wants to compete for that keyword sets their bid value and enters the competition to rank higher and rise to first place on Amazon’s SERP.

The competitor who places the highest bid wins. However, the cost per click will be equal to the second-highest bid.

Why You Should Advertise on Amazon

Why You Should Advertise on Amazon

If you want to boost your sales, you need excellent marketing. The competition on Amazon is big regardless of the niche. And good advertising can help your company thrive by driving traffic to your products, boosting visibility, and building brand awareness.

When it comes to Amazon PPC, you can create and optimize your advertising strategy depending on your business goals to get the best results. Amazon advertising can also increase your organic sales. Since PPC and organic sales are connected and influence each other, you need to optimize carefully. Moreover, choosing the wrong advertising strategy can lead to poor ROI (return on investment). 

That said, selecting the right campaign and optimizing it based on your business goals is vital, as only this way can you get the best results.

What Are the Benefits of Amazon PPC?

Amazon PPC offers many benefits to e-commerce businesses, like higher search appearance and increased sales. Read on to get into details.

  • Higher search appearance: With Amazon PPC, your products can rank higher on the Amazon search results page. Sponsored ads can help your products reach more visibility and allow you to stand out from the competition.
  • More customers: Amazon PPC offers brands a global reach and more buyers. Sponsored products increase your buyers and sales, boosting your visibility. Also, advertising boosts impressions and views in a short time.
  • Better organic ranking: Using sponsored ads to get your product to the top page will not only boost your sales but also organic traffic.
  • Easy search engine optimization: With Amazon advertising, you get a list of keywords customers use to find the products you’re selling. This is vital from an SEO perspective as you can use them for your listing title, description, backend keywords, and bullets.
  • You pay only for ad clicks: With Amazon PPC, you pay only for the ads the customer has clicked on, rather than paying for the impressions an ad may or may not produce. Also, you decide how much you’re ready to pay for it. What’s more, you don’t have to use a credit card because the payment is subtracted from the sale profits.
  • Supports different devices: Amazon supports all devices, meaning you can access your ads from any platform, such as a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop. This is convenient both for sellers and customers.
  • You control your ads: With Amazon PPC, you control ad campaigns, target audience, keywords, and placements. You can also choose your budget for bidding.
  • Performance metrics: With Amazon PPC, you can measure your views, visits, clicks, and profits. This way, you have a clear idea of how much money you’re spending and what you need to adjust for better results.
  • Fast results: With advertising, you get results faster than with SEO, as the latter can take months to become effective.

Should You Manage Amazon PPC or Hire an Agency to Do It?

Should You Manage Amazon PPC or Hire an Agency to Do It

If you’re new to Amazon PPC, it’s a good idea to manage it yourself to learn about the platform. When your campaigns start to demand expertise, you may want to outsource the work to a digital marketing agency.

Although working with an agency means more expenses, it can generate better outcomes. This is because professionals know how to build the right strategy, optimize, and manage your Amazon PPC, ensuring you get the highest return on your investment. This way, you’ll also have more time to focus on other elements that can improve your business.

Boost Your E-Commerce Sales with Amazon PPC

Boost Your E-Commerce Sales with Amazon PPC

As one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, Amazon displays products to billions of people ready to purchase. And using Amazon PPC can assist you in achieving the best outcomes base on your goals.

Once you create an effective strategy, you will be able to build various campaigns, improve your business, and increase your sales. By boosting your visibility and reach, you can also improve your organic ranking.

Although it may be tempting to manage Amazon advertising yourself, hiring a specialist in Amazon PPC will maximize your results in a short time.