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5 Best Free Tools That You Have To Use While Blogging


In today’s world, AI-based tools and programs make life easy for many workforces around the globe. So, it should be no different for writers, as they extensively use such programs and tools. However, blogging and writing still depend a lot on creativity and originality.

Yet, that doesn’t mean the tools available today cannot assist you. That’s why many writers and bloggers have an array of tools in their service, which helps them create content on extensive levels. These programs boost productivity and support creative minds when they need it the most.

So, which kind of tools are these? Are they freely available? The best part about them is, yes, they are freely available. So, to help you understand just how a few tools can help you blog better, let’s get started.

Why Use Tools At All?

Blogging is a sum of various processes. When all of them culminate, a successful blog happens. However, getting to that point is nothing less than a challenge. Moreover, some of the processes can be a slight hassle, and they can hinder the process of writing a well-performing blog.

That’s when various tools make it easier for bloggers. These tools aren’t necessarily do-it-all by any stretch, but they do become an extension of your arm. For instance, if you’re to find websites that allow you to post blogs, you cannot hop from one website to the next.

In the same sense, if you wish to find plagiarism, can you Google one sentence after the other to avoid any accidental duplicity? Moreover, neither can you rewrite each word of a 1000-2000 word blog by yourself. That’s precisely why these tools are an essential element in any writer’s cache.

5 Free Essentials For Bloggers

When picking a tool to assist you in blogging, you need to keep a few things in mind. Do these tools allow you to write better? Moreover, will they improve or extend the integrity of your content? That’s why picking tools that stand out and deliver are one of essential things for which to look.

In addition, these tool needs to be mostly free, but there can be paid premium for other offerings. In the same sense, these blogs need to help a writer stand out with unique content. Moreover, they need to improve writing quality, originality, and integrity.

So, bearing these things in mind, we went out and analyzed a few essential tools for a writer today. Each one of them serves a particular purpose. Therefore, if you’re looking for free programs to help your blogging get better, then here are five of them:

1. Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker

The first thing a blogger needs is content originality. With an astounding variety of similar topics, accidental plagiarism can happen all the time. That’s why one of the essential requirements for a blogger is a plagiarism checker, and this tool helps you do just that without costing you a penny.

A plagiarism checker needs to detect any duplicity flawlessly, and this program helps you do just that. While the non-sign-up free version allows you to check 1000 words a day, signing up can push those numbers up to 5000. So, all you need to do and take advantage of this amazing tool is sign-up for free.

Usage: Detecting plagiarism/finding content source

Benefits: Detecting duplicity, making it easier to eliminate

Free Use: 1000 words for non-sign-up users, 5000 words for free-signed-up users

2.  Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing ToolA paraphrasing tool can help you eliminate the plagiarism you detected. Moreover, a paraphrasing tool can also help you overcome writer’s block, create flawless content and help change the tone of your content accordingly.

That’s why this paraphrasing tool has made the top of our list for bloggers. It’s free, convenient, and offers a remarkable paraphrasing prowess that not many other free paraphrasers contain. It can help you recreate existing content or write one new one that sounds better—while eliminating plagiarism.

Usage: Paraphrasing/Rephrasing content

Benefits: Avoid plagiarism, recreate content in bulk, rewrite for better flow

Free Use: 1000 words for non-sign-up users, 5000 words for free-signed-up users

3. Grammar Checker

Grammar Checker

Grammar checker is yet another critical essential for a writer today. It can help you find grammatical errors, spell mistakes, and mishaps with content tone. However, finding a grammar checker can be a hassle.

While Grammarly is great, it reserves most of its great offerings for the paid version. That’s why this grammar checker is top of the list for us. It’s free, convenient, and doesn’t let any grammatical error slip by.

Usage: Detecting grammatical errors and mistakes

Benefits: Ensuring content integrity

Free Use: Not known, but mostly free

4. Buysellguestpost


Guest posting on other important websites can be an issue. Mainly because you need to find a site that has high DA and allows guest posters to create content with backlinks to their own websites.

That’s why we picked this site, as it helps you find all the websites in various niches and industries. You can conduct your search based on keywords, industries, and DA.

Usage: Finding websites that allow guest posting

Benefits: Easy to look for websites within niches or industries with high DA

5. Text Summarizer

Text Summarizer

A text summarizer can help you shorten long texts within a few sentences. Why is this an essential tool for a blogger? Because if you want to write compelling Meta descriptions, which offer search engine crawlers a glimpse into your content, then you need text summaries.

These text summarizers help make it easy, and all you need to do is paste the content you wish to describe.

Usage: Write short summaries of long content

Benefits: Saves a lot of time, writes compelling summaries

Free Use: Yes


These are some of the essential tools for a blogger in 2023. They can help you ensure originality and integrity and stand out against your competition. On top of all that, they’re mostly free.