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A Brief Insight on the Pros and Cons of Buying YouTube Views!!

Buying YouTube Views Pros and Cons

Buying Youtube views play a vital role for the ones who use their Youtube channel to promote business and services. More the number of views a video have, the more it gains popularity. Due to this reason people often buy Youtube views to boost their video traffic and make profits from it…

While a genuine service provider will give you the maximum audience view and revenue benefits, an untrusted service provider, on the other hand, can be completely scammed giving you fake views violating Youtube’s terms and conditions.

There are few pros and cons associated with buying youtube views and before you go for it, it necessary that have complete details on it. The following factors will let you know its advantages and disadvantages.

The Pros and Cons of Buying YouTube Views

A) Pros

1. Gives your Channel a Kick Start

Whenever you upload a fresh video on your Youtube channel, it will be set to zero views until people organically start searching and watching your videos. But if you buy youtube views it increases the chances of gaining good video traffic.


1. Affects the overall statistics

 If you want to calculate the progress of your YouTube business, or how many monthly or yearly views you are actually getting, in that case, the statistics get quite clumsy as it becomes extremely time-consuming to figure out which ones are the organic views and which ones are the purchased views to figure out the exact quality views.

B) Pros

2. Improves Social Reputation

People always have a tendency to check for the video with more like first before exploring its content. They feel like videos with more like will have something interesting. This is a trick that purchased views give by popularizing you as a public figure and increasing your online reputation. It plays a key role in attracting the audience to your Youtube channel and browse through your videos.


2. Not Targeted

Buying Youtube views is definitely a very good attempt to flourish your Youtube channel and business but only buying that is not going to help you as it focuses on increasing your view count only not to the targeted audience group. So to make your Youtube channel successful, you need to apply the professional marketing skills along with buying views to reach the relevant group of audience.

C) Pros

3. Making revenue

If you want to monetize Youtube videos, buying views will help you a lot as more the views will increase more revenue you can make. Pick one of the best site to buy Youtube views for 100% security and customer service facility with an increased number of high-quality Youtube views. Quality Youtube views from a trusted source not only add traffic but also make excellent revenue.


3. Fake Views

Beware of the scammers before you choose your Youtube service provider because service from untrusted or cheap source can give you fake views through the automated internet bots violating Youtube’s terms and conditions. The results can be lethal as your content might be deleted or you might be banned permanently.

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D) Pros

4. Ranking and Marketing

Buying youtube views improves the rank of your videos with increased views and hence makes it easily visible in the top search results. A good ranking will also give you an easy marketing facility due to increased popularity.


4. Make your channel suspicious

Only increased views are not going to help you have an authorized channel, you need to have the likes and comments in equal proportion to make it look real otherwise your account might be considered as a scam.


The above-mentioned pros and cons are the four important points that you need to keep in mind before proceeding for buying Youtube views.