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Forest Rescue 2 for PC – How to Play and Become a Pro!


Match-three puzzle games are all the rage now! Candy Crush paved the way for this gaming genre and right now there are a plethora of match-three puzzle games available online and we know that it is an extremely daunting task to find a good one! But we are here to suggest to you the perfect match-three game that you will surely enjoy and get addicted to it. Yes! We are talking about Forest Rescue 2!


Forest Rescue has a game mechanic that is both simple and sophisticated at the same time. There are several game modes to choose from that will change the way you play each round of tiles. Forest Rescue should not come as a surprise if you already know how to play a match 3 puzzle game. Alternatively, if you are unfamiliar with the fundamentals, continue reading.

Your goal is to match three or more of the matching tiles by swapping them. To take off at least three blue tiles, swap the location of a blue sapphire to red ruby. It transforms into a power-up if you get over three in a horizontal or vertical line. This powerup can be used to clear a limited area of tiles or an entire row or column.

Adorable Storyline

The beloved green forest is in great peril! Remember those insidious beavers from the first installment of the game? Well, they are back, and this time with even a greater backup! A mega-corporation has purchased those menacing Beavers for their evil services. With their new tree-cutter equipment, the woodland will be cleared in days.

The Forest creatures’ only hope is to band together and resist the new mechanical threat as a group. But they cannot do it alone! You must assist them by completing match-three puzzles and progressing through the game’s challenging levels. It is time to be a hero and save the green forest which is home to hundreds of cute fluffy animals. Are you up for this challenge?


Play Offline or With Friends

The game developers know that you can’t have access to Wi-Fi 24/7 and hence, they made sure that you can play this game offline! Commuting back from work? No worries! As long as your phone is charged, you are all set! You can also play it with your friends and see who can be the best hero!

With these many adventurous things in the game, it wouldn’t be fair enough to play this game just on your Android tablet or smartphone. You can even play Forest Rescue 2 on your Windows PC. Wondering how you can do that? Let’s get started!

Download Forest Rescue 2 on a Windows PC

  • To start with, download Bluestack’s latest version Android emulator on your PC or laptop
  • Once done, install it on your PC. Make sure your system meets the system requirements of Bluestacks before you start the installation process, else, it will slow down your system or even crash it while opening.
  • After installation is done, launch Bluestacks and sign in using your Google account.
  • Now, head over to the Google Play Store and search for Forest Rescue 2 game and install it on your PC.
  • Once the game is installed, launch it from Bluestacks home screen and start exploring the game right away!

I’m sure that you will enjoy playing Forest Rescue 2 more on PC as compared to any Android smartphone or tablet! Want to prove it wrong? Give it a try!