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Create Unique Creatures with Evolution of Species 2


Adventure games push our imaginations beyond limits by introducing concepts and situations we can never think of. Evolution of Species 2 is one game that will blow your mind with scenarios that combine the microscopic world with different planets and unknown spaces.

You can customize your creature from scratch, and it’s up to you how it leads through the life cycle in the quest to survive and conquer the unknown worlds. You can choose to live on any planet and help your creature to live through the tiny spaces. Each creature is unique in its ways which brings a lot of diversity to this game.

Create Weird Stuff

When it comes to creating a new creature, the options are pretty much endless. You can tinker with different settings, choose any body parts, give any colors to the creature, and make interesting combinations out of them. Therefore, there is no reason why you cannot create an “out of the world” created through a straightforward process.

Choose Your Planet

The game lets you realize your dream of living on a new planet. Choose from a large list of available planets featuring many options with versatile living habitats and resident creatures. As you compete with other creatures, the struggle for survival shall continue until you finally conquer the planet and make it your own.

Compete with the Best

The game offers multiplayer options, and you can compete with your friends too. So, you can expect some fierce competition throughout the game. All the creatures are different players trying to reach the top.

Survive to Reach the Top

As you strive towards victory, your creature must hold up against fierce enemies. It’s a true test of skill and strategy to develop the creature to withstand the inhospitable environment in different locations in the universe.

Multiplayer Game with Collab Options

When you create your player, you can share it with your friends and other players. Likewise, you can also add other creations to the game and make it more intriguing. It forms a collaborative space, making your online experience more fun.

Enjoy Unusual Life on Unusual Places

Evolution of Species 2 doesn’t resemble any realistic species because it’s more fun exploring the unknowns. So, you can go wild with your selection of colors and species attributes in terms of color and structure.

Likewise, the earth is the last place you want to be when playing this game because the residence options are virtually endless. So, the game pushes your limits to imagine things and how wild things can become if we can model our thoughts into something tangible.

How to Install Evolutions of Species 2 on PC

Evolution of Species 2 is developed for Android devices. Smartphones having Android 4.0 or later can run this game. As far as PC users are concerned, they will need first to download an Android emulator. Then you can run the game by following this method:

Download the APK file for Evolution of Species 2 from the internet. These files are available on several platforms, but it’s best to download them from the Google Play Store as it is officially published there.

Next, open the APK file with the Android emulator. You can also drag and drop the file to the emulator, and it should start running. Alternatively, you can omit the APK file and download the game directly from the Play Store with your Google account within the emulator.

Wrap Up

Thrilling scenarios and innovative situations make this game a delightful experience for adventure enthusiasts. So, it’s a must-try option if you want to explore the imaginary world of weird creatures.