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How to Strengthen Brand Awareness & Industry Influence


When thinking outside of the box of your own business for a moment, you will realize that recognizable brands and companies are so embedded in your consciousness that they become associated with the product itself.

You clean the house with a Hoover, not a vacuum cleaner, you reach for a Kleenex when you need a tissue, play on a Ping-Pong table, which is only one brand of table tennis equipment, and store food in Tupperware, instead of any other plastic storage container.

With your own company then, it cannot be overstated just how important brand awareness is and how much industry influence you can garner as a result, so continue reading to learn how to strengthen both.

1. Guest Blogging

There are as many reputable and official company websites as there are pointless and inaccurate blogs and hastily created websites by individuals with no real impetus, but when you can decipher between the two guest blogging can be incredibly effective.

Writing relevant and engaging content centred around your brand, industry, and specific needs and then subsequently pitching blog posts to another connected publication will provide the following company benefits:

  • Access to refined audience groups
  • Encourages strategies such as link building
  • Professional ties and connections with industry peers
  • Access to feedback from bloggers with connections and industry knowledge
  • Significant boost to credibility
  • Referral traffic back to your website
  • A way to discover more about your brand and future direction

2. Outsource Your Digital Marketing

Outsourcing one or more of your core business functions to a trusted and reputable third-party company, such as Web Presence, will immediately result in a more effective and productive process, as well as more money and crucially, time, to spend focused on other important jobs.

Digital marketing is one of the most important ways a business can expand and grow, and manual processes can not only cost substantially more money but also can be a huge drain on your and your employees’ time. Outsourcing the entirety of your digital marketing will result in more interactive marketing campaigns, and the use of innovative software programs, improve overall efficiency and bring a fresh perspective to your advertising.

Other advantages of choosing to outsource your digital marketing needs include access to unrivaled expertise from industry stars and private insights into potential new resources and the latest industry trends.

3. Brand Partnerships

It is logical to assume that as much as you want and indeed need, to establish your company’s presence, so too do most other smaller and larger businesses as well.

Therefore, the final tip on how to effectively strengthen your brand presence and influence is to partner with another brand that has a similar ethos, mindset, and overall company voice. Brand partnerships provide numerous benefits to both companies involved, including an overall enhancement of the perception and accessibility of your brand, a way to modernize and diversify, and access to a much broader and larger audience base. It’s a no-brainer for many businesses.