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Worst Dating Apps 2021


Today we see dramatic changes in the online dating market. If ten years ago, you could use just one website, and this was enough to find a partner, today there are so many dating apps, so it is very easy to get lost in them. Now, we are going to share with you our list of the worst dating apps that you should never use. Instead of downloading those apps, maybe you should consider reading something on how to date a friend’s ex and avoid drama, to finally catch that shiny girl who recently broke up with your friend.

1. Sudy

The authors say that it contains an extensive database of more than three million wealthy men and women around the world. But in reality, this app is filled with bots and fraudsters. During registration, you are required to confirm your identity and income. After authorization, the program suggests finding a couple in the vicinity.  After that, they ask you to set your geo location. Of course, this all needed to make sure that you leave as much information about yourself as possible. Think, who searches for partners basing on their wealth? Fraudsters!

2. Anygram

An international network of searching for like-minded people. Built-in translators eliminate communication problems. An intelligent search engine will select an opponent according to the given parameters. Anygram contains a function of ignoring people, allowing you to weed out uncivilized interlocutors with bad manners. There is also a rating system: the more pleasant the interlocutor is, the higher his or her rating will be. Why do you see this app on our list? Because if you are searching for interlocutors, then as an entertainment, for one evening or two, this app will do. But don’t try to search for romantic partners there, because this app is filled with perverts.

3. TopFace 

This is an example of classic dating service. It asks to choose the purpose of registration, and fill the selection criteria for candidates. Based on that data, the program forms a list of possible partners. There is a function of anonymous communication with the user (a very useful feature for fraudsters and perverts). Generally, we don’t recommend this app because it is not very popular among users.

4. Jaumo

This app has a nice-looking design and flexible settings. The friendly and convenient interface, high data protection, privacy.  The main problem with this app is that most of its users search for a one-night stand. If you are cool with it, then fine. This surely not the best place to search for long-term romantic partners. Plus, according to statistics, there are approximately ten times more boys than girls.

5. Denim

Uses modern technology to find the best candidate. Artificial intelligence-based neural networks evaluate the parameters of a new user from registration. Automated algorithms show possible dating options after twenty minutes. Denim uses photo verification by the user to eliminate fake profiles. The automatic synchronous translator will help to cope with the language barrier. Sounds very good, but in reality, things are a little bit different. Authentication by the photo can be easily fooled, no one knows how that artificial intelligence and automated algorithms work, plus there is no guarantee that this automated synchronous translator is not an actual person who chats with many different people simultaneously.


What can we say about this international platform for random instant video chat for mutual communication? According to its authors, this is a great place to meet, chat, share emotions, photos, make romantic acquaintances with other people. Plus, this program is free and has a modern, colorful interface. Also, the authors say that you can practice or learn foreign languages. But where is the catch? Unfortunately, their moderation system is not as good as their advertisement. Thus, you are risking to see many naked perverts there.