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WinRAR History, Does It Better Now?

WinRAR History, Does It Better Now

WinRAR is a Windows version of RAR archives that allows users to create and control archive files. Eugene Roshal developed it. Winrar embeds BLAKE 2 or CRC32 to test the integrity of the archives. Well, there are two versions of RAR for windows, and these are the command line console version and version with the graphic user interface. Therefore, this program is a useful archive manager which creates new archives in Zip and RAR file format, decompress downloaded files, reduces the size of email attachments and Backup data.


WinRAR and RAR file formats have evolved since their developments. It can now support RAR 5 after the addition of extensions In the fifth edition. The older RAR formats are referred to as RAR 4, which was before bed 5.0. That is why it can’t support RAR5 archives. Older versions of WinRAR can run in Windows XP, but it cant process RAR5 file formats. It has up to 11 directory compression sizes up to 1 GB. As the version was improved, the compression ratios also improved. Therefore, the latest version doesn’t support file comments, but archive comments are still there. Download winrar is getting better after every development making it easy for most users to enjoy this software. To get better insight about the functionality of WinRAR let us look at some of its features:-

  • It introduces a compression algorithm that offers higher compression than all the other archiving tools, especially on large text files.
  • It provides ANSI ESC sequence, which provided for color comments without necessarily requiring an ANSI driver.
  • It provides Unicode support in file names
  • It has a command-line interface.
  • It can recover physical damaged archived.
  • Recovery volumes which reconstruct multi-volume archives
  • Uses highly sophisticated compression algorithm
  • It has a shell interface, which includes wizard and drag and drop facility.
  • It has robust archiving, which is useful when packing a large number of similar files.
  • It provides for other service functions such as error logging, archive comments, and encryption.

Tips and hacks about WinRAR

WinRAR is a must-have computer solution for the compressed file. It is free, fast, and reliable. Therefore there are some interesting facts that you should know before you download WinRAR. So let’s get into it.

The 40 day Trial period never Ends.

WinRAR is often referred to as annoy ware because of frequent reminders that this trial period has expired, and users need to activate it at a small fee. Well, it is essential to note that it is just but a friendly reminder, not a mandatory action. Winrar is a trial ware that you can use it for free without restrictions, or you can choose to upgrade if you want to access the support from the developers. Therefore anytime you receive such notification, know that the 40 day trial period, which is usually given, never ends.

You can see the size of the compressed file and the time it wi take for compression.

To do this, you will have to select the files that you want to be compressed and click on the info in WinRAR. Once you do that, a window containing four tabs will appear whereby the first window contains the file size after compressions and the estimated time for compression.

It is possible to split compressed files into multiple parts using WinRAR.

If you are moving large data sets via a USB cable, this hack is very useful. All you need to do is to select the folder that you want to split and right-click on it and select add files to archives. Find split the file bytes in the drop-down menu that appears, and you will be given the choices to split the files as per the storage.

WinRAR is 22 years old.

It is interesting to know that WinRAR is 22 years old, and Eugene Roshal is not the real owner of the compression algorithm. Instead, reliable sources have shown that his elder brother owns it.

WinRAR hides two Easter eggs

If you read on the about section you will see on the logo, there is a symbol that looks like WinRAR, but when you click on it produced some familiar sounds.


WinRAR has a long history, and developments have been made to make it more functional. The facts that I have also given are interesting, and it gives us a wider scope of this software.