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What is the Best Software Career option right now by 2024?

What is the Best Software Career option right now

Thinking of what to do with our life after graduation is a tough task. Some of us know something to do which we were thinking from long long ago. But, When the time comes, we all are stuck somewhere of thinking what to do.

Is it that difficult to choose a software career in your life? or it is just something we always fear? We go through many reports which show these numbers of jobs available by 2020 or 2024.

Choosing your career is the biggest decision in your life, Once you choose, You have to be a success there if not, you lose the most important factor of your life – TIME.

Here are some demandable software career options:

The technology sector is hot and getting hotter, but some specific skill sets are needed over others. Before we discuss the best software career options right now by 2024, I would like you to check out the Data Scientist Course, which will help you become a Data Scientist, which is the sexiest job of the 21st century, according to the Harvard Business Review. Here are some of the specialized technical jobs that are expected to be in high demand in the future.

Database Administrator:

Database administrators (DBAs) manage an organization’s data. They make sure that databases run efficiently and are secure from unauthorized users. DBAs also are accountable for organizing a company’s data and storing it efficiently.

This job actually required a bachelor’s degree in any management of information systems (MIS) or a computer-science-related field.

Moreover, DBAs must have an understanding of database languages, the foremost commonly used being Structured query language, also called as SQL. A DBA will need to become aware of whichever programming language an employer uses.

Projected future growth: 11% by 2026

Software Developers:

The creative mind behind a computer program could be a software developer. Generally, some of software developers create applications, while other developers build systems. they typically work alongside computer programmers.

These Software developers typically have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or any computer-related field. A general degree in mathematics is suitable in some cases.

Given today’s online coding boot camps and other unconventional learning systems, a standard academic education isn’t always a requirement.

Most demand software developers

  1. Data Scientist
  2. AI developer
  3. Blockchain Developer
  4. Ui Ux designer
  5. Full-stack developer
  6. Python specialist
  7. Machine Learning Engineer

Projected future growth: 24% through 2026.

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Video Game Designer:Video Game Designer

The $140+ billion-dollar gaming industry has over tripled in size over the last decade. Beyond the booming marketplace for PC and console games, the increased popularity, processing power, and graphics capabilities of mobile devices have unlocked a brand new world of job opportunities for video game designers, artists and programmers.

Game designers with mobile development expertise will be especially wanted as smartphones and tablets continuously change how video games are played.

Game designer employment also will enjoy emerging technologies and rising demand for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications.

10-year Growth Pct: 26% ( avg.)

Web Developer: Web Developer

Web application developers use programming languages to form online software that meets client specifications. A developer may be working in multiple programming languages and operating systems.

Employers typically search for computer-related education and relevant work experience. With the high demand for these skills, a formal degree isn’t always required.

Out of the seven tech careers in these lists, a prospective web application developer has the foremost coding boot camp courses available to them.

Projected future growth: 15% by 2024

Computer Systems Analysts:

Computer systems analysts investigate a company’s computer systems and procedures, then design or revamp them to create the organization operate more efficiently.

They must have an understanding of both business and information technology (IT) needs and limitations. These system analysts are responsible for include consulting with managers to determine IT-related needs.

Most of computer systems analysts have their bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field. However, since they work closely with the business side, many even have a business background through experience or education.

Projected future growth: 9% by 2026

Mobile App Developers:

Mobile app developers create new products or adapt existing ones to be used on phones and tablets. Creative companies across industries, including computer game studios, advertising, and marketing firms, now recognize mobile as a strong content distribution channel. This App Developers also have the demand from government agencies, financial institutions sectors, and industries that require more prosaic products to create their operations run more efficiently.

The mobile app developer is listed at number three on the highest 10 best jobs of the future list by ThinkAdvisor.

More app developers have a background in software engineering or computer science Engineering. Some colleges now offer degrees in mobile development with practical sessions.

Projected future growth: 57% through 2020

Market Research Analyst:

Market research analysts help companies to understand what type of products people want, who will buy those products, and at what price. They collect data on consumers and products of the company, analyze the findings, and prepare reports to be used by their colleagues, users, and clients.

Market research analyst is listed at number nine of the highest 10 best jobs of the future by ThinkAdvisor.

Professionals in that job come from many backgrounds. According to the BLS Academy (Bureau of Labor Statistics), some research analysts have degrees in statistics, math, or computer science while others have backgrounds in business administration, the social sciences, or communications.

Projected future growth: 32% through 2022

Information Security Analyst:

These Information security analysts should coordinate, execute, and measure to protect an organization’s computer networks and systems. A defining characteristic of individuals in these positions is adaptability to vary because a security breach can occur at any time.

Most information security analysts have a well-rounded computer education, including a bachelor’s in Computer Science Engineering, programming, or a related discipline. Given the demand in this field, colleges are responding to majors in information security.

Projected future growth: 28% through 2026

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Health Information Technician:

Health care will produce more new computer jobs through 2020 than the other single industry. Aggressive government mandates and funding incentives for medical practices to adopt centralized electronic health records is driving unprecedented hiring of health information technicians trained and licensed in these new technologies. Health information technicians may earn the lowest starting salary on this list, but the desired education is that the quickest (typically a 2-year degree program in Health IT), plus candidates learning now are going to be well-positioned for lucrative management positions because the health IT job market continues to mature.

10-Year Growth Pct – 11%

If you’re curious about a career in technology, consider specializing in the skills.

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