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What Is Mobile Serviced Storage?

What Is Mobile Serviced Storage

Figuring out the first steps of storing your belongings can be overwhelming, especially if you are reluctant to rent a traditional storage space for your furniture.

Fortunately, the storage industry is evolving with more modern solutions to offer. After all, the Australian self-storage industry cannot grow into an $2 billion market without some significant improvements.

One of these improvements, mobile serviced storage, is the modern solution of hassle-free moving. Why is that? Keep scrolling, because in this article, we will tell you;

  • What is mobile serviced storage and why you need it
  • Its benefits
  • How to choose a good mobile serviced storage company

Mobile Serviced Storage Explained

Mobile Serviced Storage Explained

If you are busy with work and you are currently stressing about hiring a vehicle to transport your belongings, this service is perfect for you.

What exactly is mobile serviced storage?

Mobile serviced storage is a storage service where you can store your belongings without the hassle of transporting them into the storage location. The company will deliver a storage unit to your location and collect it once it is fully loaded.

Therefore, you don’t have to waste time driving to and from your house to the storage space.

Moreover, if you noticed, this is called serviced storage. That means you can get an end-to-end storage service. The company will take care of delivering, loading, and storing the unit for you. Your belongings will then be stored in a safe location with CCTV monitoring.

However, if you prefer to load the unit yourself, you are more than welcome to. This service is designed for your convenience, after all.

Benefits of Mobile Serviced Storage

Benefits of Mobile Serviced Storage

Let’s list some of the apparent benefits that you get when you use this service.

  • Mobile storage units delivered to you, not the other way around. Save time, save money.
  • You have the freedom to load your belongings yourself or hand it over to professional removalists.
  • Once your things are inside the storage unit, they won’t be unloaded until they arrive on destination.
  • Depending on the sizes of your furniture, you can choose the size of your unit. Each company offers different varieties, so choose carefully.
  • If you choose a good company, your belongings can be guaranteed damage-free after transit.
  • Safe and secure storage location with CCTV monitoring.

Sounds good, right? Now, if you are sure to go forward with this service, you have to know which company is the best choice.

How to Choose the Right Company for You

When you get to this stage, you are probably already convinced to use mobile serviced storage. However, you need to be careful when choosing the best company for your needs.

So, don’t forget to ask these questions these before choosing;

  • Are they an accredited removalist? Are their removalists in-house or outsourced?Why do you need to ask this? This is to make sure that the company’s removalists are professionals and you can trust them with your belongings.
  • What is the storage unit made of? Is it made of wood or steel?This question ensures that you get the perfect unit. It’s better to use steel units instead of wood because steel units are more resilient.
  • How much can the storage unit fit? What is the best size for me?Every company offers different unit sizes. Ask them if they have a unit that fits all your things. If you don’t inquire, you can end up with multiple small units and you have to spend more.
  • What measures do they take to ensure that your things arrive without damage?A good company provides these to ensure the safety of your things;
  • Boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing papers
  • Furniture protection
  • Will your goods be insured? What steps will they take if you found damage?This is important to ask so you have the guarantee that you will get your money back if the service is unsatisfactory.

Seems complicated? Yes, it does seem like a lot, but if you follow this step by step, you can assure yourself that you are getting the best service.

Key Takeaways

Mobile serviced storage is an improvement from the traditional storage space, where you don’t have to transport your things yourself.

Plus, you can ask the company to load your things for you. That way, you can get an end-to-end service hassle-free.

If you choose the right company, they will also ensure that your things get transported safely to their destinations with extra provisions to protect them. Another thing to note, you can be assured that your belongings is secure in the storage unit with CCTV monitoring.

Lastly, ask the right questions before you choose a company. A good company will go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. Therefore, don’t settle for less.

Ready to get your best storage experience?