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VoIP For Small Businesses: What Are The Benefits Of Switching To This Modern Tech?

VoIP For Small Businesses

Do you know why a lot of small business owners haven’t even come to consider VoIP as a communication solution within their organization? They think it’s just for big businesses!

If you’re one of those small business owners who have been falsely led to believe the infeasibility of using VoIP in their setting, it’s time that we change that mindset.

Thanks to companies like Telnum, businesses (whether big or small!) are able to enjoy the most value that permanent virtual number can bring to their system.

VoIP is most known for letting you call using the internet. Instead of using copper wires to connect you to another person, it utilizes the internet to send and receive data packets in real time.

Although it’s one of the primary functions of VoIP for most enterprises, it offers so much more than that. Learn more about the best of what VoIP can do for your small business in this article:

1. It has a lot of Features

And with many features, there will naturally come more functions that you can take advantage of. So no, VoIP isn’t just for calling over the internet.

This tech makes it so easy for you to integrate so many communication functions, ensuring a seamless and centralized system. Apart from your normal calling, you can also send instant messages, start video conferences, receive automatically transcribed voicemails, and many more.

Because all that’s needed for the feature to work is for the developer to create it, your options are practically limitless! This means you can theoretically have as many features as you want, letting you create the most advanced communication system to ever exist.

2. It’s Cheaper

Let’s face it. This is the top motivation for switching to VoIP. However, many somehow believe that it’s cheaper to retain their antiquated system.

Of course, there will be associated costs during the switch. But these costs are very minimal. For example, a virtual phone number is incredibly cheap. If you only have a few employees on board, you may not even need the extra features.

But in the event that you need to expand your system to include more functions, great news! The cost of add-on features is a fraction of what your traditional phone companies will charge you.

There are so many case studies of companies that are able to cut their phone bill by as much as 90% in the first month after making the switch. Without international phone call costs, you may also see significant savings.

Another neglected area of potential savings is efficiency. Because it’s so easy for your staff to communicate accurate information with each other, they could spend more time performing tasks that would yield revenue for your enterprise.

And have we mentioned the free features? Normally, getting a VoIP system entails getting certain features that you normally have to pay for with a traditional provider. This gives you another opportunity to maximize efficiency.

3. It’s More Secure

Have you ever wondered if someone is listening to your phone calls? This may not be much of a concern to you, but to your customer, it probably is.

At times, your clients may be relaying private information to you. If that information somehow leaks, their trust in your brand will be shattered.

That’s why it’s great that VoIP is encrypted to ensure that only the parties involved in the communication would be able to access the information relayed.

There’s no way that this could be done with a regular desk phone!

4. It offers Amazing Call Quality

Granted, VoIP used to have a bad reputation on call quality. However, that’s not because the tech itself is bad. Simply, the internet connection available at that time is yet to catch up with the speed required to sustain good call quality.

But that hurdle has already been passed so many years ago. That’s why today, you can enjoy top-notch call quality whether on mobile data or WiFi.

5. It Guarantees Mobility

Do you know what’s one of the people’s biggest frustrations with landlines? You can’t even be in a different room while you’re using it! Yes, there are wireless models that let you move around. But it seems redundant, considering that smartphones nowadays can do the same.

If you want to use VoIP, all you need to do is provide a fast and stable internet connection. You can even use it on your phone. Using an app endorsed by your chosen provider, you can have access to the entire system even when you’re not at your office.

With VoIP, you don’t have to sacrifice anything. It’s one of those rare instances where the cheaper option is also the better one. Enjoy everything that VoIP has to offer by making the switch today!