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How to Use Schema Markup for SEO

Schema Markup SEO

What is Schema.org Structured Data?

Schema markup is Data or Tags that we add to our HTML to improve the performance of our website is referred to as Schema Markup. By using the rich snippets we can get the best results on SERP’s. Rich Snippets allow search engines to easily understand the information that contains on the web page. The elements like dates, images, reviews can be added to our webpage in the form of code. This improves the effectiveness of the webpage and increase in Click Through Rate.

How to Use Schema Markup

Our goal is to look for better rank in SERP’s. To use Schema Markup, we need to go for Google Structured Data Markup Helper.

This includes data types like – Articles, Book Reviews, Events, Local Business, Movies, Products, Restaurants, Software Applications, TV Episodes, TV Episodes with Ratings. Paste this data types to URL or HTML of your web pages.

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Then you can load the page in the markup tool which leads to a difference between your webpage and data items. Where webpage will be shown in left pane and data items will be shown in right pane. Following the list of data items, the other items in your article should be added to the markup list. No need of adding every item in the list, you can add items of your own choice. After finishing the adding of data items into your markup list, go for Create HTML.

After creating HTML, you will get the page with the relevant data that you inserted in the markup list with the highlighted spots in the page. Then add the highlighted snippets in the correct spot by following the yellow marker on the scroll bar, which leads to adding snippets in the correct order.

The alternative way to add snippets is to download the automatically generated HTML file and copy/paste it into your source code. After completing the above steps, click “Finish” and these will leads to the further steps. With the help of Structured Data Testing Tool, we can analyze the downloaded code which is generated. Paste the code into the space provided and click “preview”, this tool shows how our article looks like in Google search results. Edit the HTML directly in the testing tool in order to update the schema if necessary and preview results again.

Tips for Schema Markup

The main objective of this article was to get you placed in the schema markup all over the world. The following steps will show you how to gain better results from schema.

  • Schema.org provides different types of schema markup. You can go through “Organization of Schemas” page to see different types of list. Find out which types suits best for your business.
  • Visit “The Type Hierarchy” to get full list of markup types.
  • This list provides the most efficient markup types that are available.
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