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Top 5 things to know about App Store Optimization

Top 5 things to know about App Store Optimization

There is the possibility that you have the best app in the world, but if no one knows about it and does not find it on the App stores, then you would probably miss lots of potential users. This is where App Store Optimization service comes into the picture, which is often called ASO services.

Here are five things you need to know:

Upgrade your discoverability

ASO services ensure that prospective users can check out your app in the App store while looking for various keywords or looking for multiple categories like news, games, utilities, etc. The main way to increase your discoverability is by optimizing your title, keyword field, and description.

You can grow your conversion rate

By growing your rate of conversion, you can ensure people will view your app and download it. The prime way to do this is by optimizing your icon, description, title, reviews & ratings, and screenshots, video. The algorithm of the App Store and Google Play are very different. The Google Play Store and App Store have various contributing factors that would affect its algorithms. It means that they check out different aspects of your listing to determine your rankings

Select highly used keywords aptly

It is crucial to select the right kind of keyword while improving your app listing. You can take time and research your competition and target users.

Motivate users to leave reviews and ratings

It’s relatively easy; the higher reviews ratings you have, the more you will gain in the App Stores. Indeed, if you have poor reviews and low star ratings, it’s undoubtedly that the person would not want to download the app. Thus, Google and Apple can bring your ranking down. If you have many users, but they are not leaving any feedback, then you need to insert features into your app that motivates people to write reviews, like a pop-up below.

ASO services will consume time

App Store Optimization is not a fast solution. Just like Search Engine Optimization, it will consume a reasonable amount of time.


This process needs to be regularly observed and improved over time. You need to optimize the website every month. By doing it, you’ll see the list of keywords that are doing well and others that are not. You can search its results and utilize the data to separate all the low performing keywords and add new ones to analyze them.

Those people who put their money and time into ASO services can acquire many users and beat their competitors straightaway. Many app developers select the needed keywords, too, without doing much research. The keywords are chosen based on their volume searches and competition. The lower the competition of a keyword is, the better are the chances for you to rank. Write a detailed app description that covers all the keywords and discuss the primary features of your application. This will give the users insight into the app, regarding what it has to offer. Many users download the app after reading the description. So, it has to be perfectly written and optimized.