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Tips for a Good Resume and a Good Job

Tips for a good resume and a good job

Every sane person would want to have a decent job. Many have always dreamt of taking some certain positions. However, to get a job in a modern world, you might need to write a resume first. It will cost you nothing but patience and a little research on how to do it right if you do it on your own. If to apply for professional help in writing resumes, cv and  cover letter resume writing services such as AccuroResumes.com will be in handy. But we will get back into it later.

So, Each Resume Consists of the Following Parts:

  • Personal details where you need to specify your name, address and contact information including phone number and email;
  • Objective, which is a position you would want to take with a code (if any). For example, Software Tester (ST 14/3);
  • Profile/summary, which tells about your strong suit – skills, personal traits, achievements, work experience (briefly). Here, you may specify your career goals.

If your work experience is impressive, start with this section. If it is not your case, write on your education first. This is about a school, a college, a university you were studying in to get a diploma. Do not forget about seminars, training or courses you finished if they are related to the job you want to get.

As for interests and achievements, if you are a member of some club or else, it might show you to be a sociable person. Do not mention that you like reading or cooking because those are rather common things, which are of no interest for an employer. Mention only what is important and really matters.

Feel free to include additional information if you want to add something. For example, to explain the gap in your working caused by travelling or for family reasons. This section may include other skills, which can be useful for instance, a driving license, or speaking foreign languages.

And references. Mention people who could possibly provide a reference. It would be desirable for at least one of them to be in relation to your previous place of work. If you have not worked anywhere as of yet, mention a teacher or a person under whose leadership you were doing trainee-ships. There could be only one sentence though in case you do not want to share any contact information of others – references: available upon request.

Things to know about Resume Writing Services

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