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Innovative Technology and Some Tips of the HONOR Magic Vs

Innovative Technology and Some Tips of the HONOR Magic Vs

The HONOR Magic Vs is a cool foldable phone. It’s beautiful even when folded and more so when it’s open. This phone’s quality truly stands out, and Honor’s research and development team should be proud of making a smartphone that is so easy to use.

Innovative Technology for Folding Hinges

Folding screens are hard to maintain, making them fragile. Smartphone makers have been investing more in R&D to enhance foldable device durability, yet difficulties including a weak hinge, bubbles, screen scratches, lifetime, and more persist.

Aerospace-grade polymeric material requires significant processing due to its high melting point. HONOR modified the mold and improved the hot runner and cooling systems to fix this. HONOR twice post-treatment to assure material smoothness.

Research & development by HONOR has improved foldable hinge technology. Gears rotate the screen but add weight and thickness. The HONOR Magic Vs’ super-light gearless hinge is made using the industry’s first single-piece casting processing technique, reducing the number of supporting structural components from 92 to 4.

The HONOR Magic Vs’ gap-free hinge solves another problem rival foldable smartphones still need to address. The gap-free design makes the gadget smaller and premium-looking when folded.

Some Tips to Use an HONOR Foldable Phone

Some Tips to Use an HONOR Foldable Phone

Using a foldable phone can be different from a normal smartphone, but it can become easy to use with some practice. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Handling: HONOR Foldable phones are typically larger and heavier than traditional smartphones, so it may take some getting used to when it comes to handling the device. Some foldable phones may require two hands, particularly when opening and closing the device.
  2. Display orientation: The display orientation may change depending on how you hold the device. For example, when you open the phone, the display may automatically switch from portrait to landscape mode. It’s important to pay attention to the display orientation to ensure that you are using the device properly.
  3. Multitasking: Foldable phones often have advanced multitasking capabilities, allowing you to use multiple apps on the larger display side-by-side. While this can be useful, it can also take some getting used to when it comes to managing your apps and switching between them.
  4. Care and maintenance: Foldable phones require more care and maintenance than traditional smartphones. You’ll want to be careful when opening and closing the device to avoid damaging the hinge, and you may need to clean the display more frequently to prevent dirt and debris from getting trapped in the creases.

While there may be a learning curve when using a foldable phone, it can become as easy as a traditional smartphone with some practice and patience.


Foldable smartphone makers need help to create a lightweight and small hinge, but it’s also a priority. Foldable phone weight is another issue. The HONOR R&D team used advanced engineering to make the Magic Vs hinge lightweight. The HONOR Magic Vs fold phone’s superbly constructed hinge comprises an aerospace-grade polymeric material 62% lighter than metal. This ultra-light material for undersea pipes and spaceships shows HONOR’s excellence.