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How to Start A Blog Step By Step Guide (Beginner’s)

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How to Start a Blog lets you unleash your thoughts and area of thinking in a digitalized way.  You can speak out to the world and let them know what you have been thinking. Moreover, a blog lets you endorse your business along with making money through the Google AdSense and Pay-Per-Click phenomenon. Having a blog is always a plus to your income. Let’s us discover some of the easiest ways to commence with a blog:

7 Easy Steps for How to Start a Blog

Step 1: Determine Your Area of Interest

Since you want to start a blog, there has to be something on which you can provide regularized info. Choose amongst gaming, love, education, and food genres as these are the most searched terms on Google. You can share your own thoughts, ideas and recipes for communicating with the world. Add enticing imagery and decorate your blogs in a subtle way so that once the reader lands on your blog, he gets instigated to research about it in a thorough manner.

Step 2: Think What Shall Be The Way You`ll Talk to People

You can choose to narrow down your blog topic area for a clearer manifestation. Teach something if you are seasoned enough. Tell the world about the latest trends in that phenomenon and let people generate a deeper understanding of things. Inspire people, inform them and also make them laugh. The blog is an outstanding way through which you can talk your heart out to the world.

Step 3: Have a Close Eye on The Competitor’s Move

Keep spying on what other blog owners have to do. Try to adopt something that is totally different from others.

Step 4: Generate a Catchy Amen for The Blog

Jot down some names on a piece of paper and talk about them with your family and friends. Adopt free writing and check out what name comes to your mind while choosing to write for your own blog. If you think you don’t have much time to write hire professional content writers for doing the needful. They won’t cost you a fortune. Just a few bucks are enough to get high-quality unique content.

Step 5: Keyword Research

Search for the words that are used by most Google users in finding content. Integrate those words into your blog and watch people automatically getting landed on your website.

Step 6: Blogger is Two Main Blog Creation Websites

Blogger is owned by Google. It is really easy to create a blog and maintain it. A custom domain name can be bought for just $10.

Step 7: Promote Your Blog

Promote your blogs via free ad campaigns and subscriptions. You can also choose to go for affiliate marketing techniques for endorsing the blog. Social media channels and AdSense is other ways to promote it. Create a page on social media so that people would get to know about your blog. Interact with the people and try to answer their queries. Also, try remaining active as much as possible. The comments of the readers would ultimately help you know what difference your blog is ultimately generating.


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