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Sonos Beam Review – A Powerful Audio Player for All Your Streaming Needs

Sonos has been always taking pride in their products and when it comes to sound, you can rely on them without having a second thought. And no wonder, it’s recently released Sonos Beam Soundbar is the talk of the town. Taking a step further, it’s got a built-in Alexa setup which has taken this product to a whole new level.

Sonos Beam Review and Features

You can play video games, listen to music, movies, videos, audio books etc on this beautiful soundbar which is easy to place anywhere. And anywhere we literally mean it! Be it near your TV, on your kitchen cabinet, at your unit, the ball is in your court.

The Sonos Beam is fully packed of features which you will expect from any smart speaker at this time. Whether you are looking for smart voice assistant or stunning sound, wireless Airplay, Sonos Beam has everything.

Smart Assistant

To add to the paparazzi, you can ask Alexa to stream good videos or music from the Sonos app. If you’ve already got Spotify or Amazon music, that job will be done too. Also, Alexa gives you an option to stream your favorite movies via Fire TV.

As far as AI functioning is concerned, you can connect your Apple device and ask Siri to play your content. Sonos also promises to house Google Assistant in the future. This indeed is a smart move as its much closer to what today’s generation is looking for in terms of technological development.

So, if you are starting on your home automation efforts, this can be one of the good investments. After the update, it will start working with almost all major voice assistant and gives you full control and streaming power.

By Default, it is Alexa enabled. So, you don’t even need an Alexa device, it can do the work for you. It can also stream music from Amazon Prime or from any other preferred app.

Sonos Beam Design

The design is pretty compact and has a smart look which one can vouch for. The set-up is also an easy-peasy task. You have to download the Sonos application, connect it via Beam on your TV and follow the instructions given in the app.

Sonos Beam is a wireless device which enables you to convert it into a home-theater-like experience for your movie nights. That’s not all; you can also connect other multiple Sonos devices for a much wider effect. Here, you have to take care to connect it to the HDMI ARC port before asking Alexa to do something. This is a new feature for the Sonos Bar series.

This beautiful beam bar is smaller as compared to other sound bars. But, you can expect the unexpected here; it has four woofers and one tweeter which produces an effective throbbing sound. To cater to your sound customizations, you can navigate around the touch-sensitive buttons on its top with play, pause, and mute and skip track buttons. Right near them, you will find a single LED which will show you the status of the sound bar.


As compared to previous Sonos soundbars, this one doesn’t come with a remote, you can use an existing remote, or Alexa to control it by connecting it to an HDMI ARC port. The model is sure to give the right amount bass to raise those goosebumps on your body.

“Alexa, how would you like to conclude?” Priced at $ 399, we can conclude by saying that this was THE Sonos sound bar we’ve been waiting for. It’s a good catch plus worth the price.

That’s it for now. Cheers folks!