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SEO Digital Marketing for E-Commerce Shopify Store: 3 Strategies for Success

Digital Marketing for eCommerce Shopify Store 3 Strategies for Success

If you want to grow your sales, then you need an effective digital marketing strategy that yields long-term benefits with sustainable desired results. While you want to build your traffic or more visitors to your site, you also want to ensure that they will be converted as buyers, availing what you have to offer.

Whether you’re just starting a small business through an online apparel store or you consider yourself as an expert business seller, you can’t discount the fact that it’s hard to make a sale without getting noticed through search ranking. It is because there are thousands of Shopify stores worldwide, which means tight competition in the world of eCommerce.

Checking helpful online resources, such as https://www.webmarketing123.com/, to get expert advice about SEO digital marketing is a great idea. So, here are SEO digital marketing strategies that you can implement to your Shopify store for a successful eCommerce business:

1. Participate in Facebook Groups Related to Your Business

Maintaining a social media presence can be an effective content marketing strategy. It can also be integrated with social media marketing. People generally want to share contents to grow and nourish interpersonal relationships.

That’s why if you start your own Facebook group or participate in different Facebook groups that are related to your business, you can give appropriate solutions to potential customers by sharing relevant contents, depending on the trending topics currently being discussed.

Here’s how you Should Tackle Forums and Discussions:

  • Create an informative and engaging content based on emerging topics such as trending summer wear, best mix and match wardrobe tips for winter.
  • Share the content to your Facebook Groups.
  • Make sure to join Facebook Groups with more than 10,000 members. Facebook reinforces a spam limit, only allowing one Facebook user to join up to 6,000 groups. You need to leave some of your Facebook groups once you reached this limit to be able to join a new group.
  • Be aware that the other spam prevention system that Facebook has put in place include character count limit to posts 62,206 and blocking spammy or abusive contents such as excessive link posting, sending bulky messages temporarily or permanently.
  • You can enter the entire content or write a summary and include your URL to redirect Facebook users to your site.

2. Check the Top-Selling Amazon Books

People are interested in sharing contents that bring entertainment and value. Consumers are smart nowadays, and they quickly determine if you’re advertising or selling out. Checking out the books that are selling on Amazon which are related to your niche can help you integrate value and entertainment to your content. It allows you to promote your Shopify store indirectly and you can also combine it with your affiliate marketing strategy.

Here’s how:

  • Research the top-selling books through Amazon or Clickbank, which is a good source for affiliate marketing, by typing keywords that are related to your niche like best women swimwear, clothes for different body types.
  • Create an engaging and informative content by applying the best SEO techniques with balanced short-tail and long-tail keywords, proper keyword research, and others.
  • Share the content to your website, social media accounts, high-authority blog commenting sites, and online forums like Quora.
  • If you also like to try affiliate marketing, obtain snippet ID for your site plugins to redirect all credits to your affiliate account like Amazon Affiliate.

3. Integrate SEO to Email Marketing

Whether you like it or not, email marketing is a critical digital marketing strategy you have to implement. It is because your email list and email marketing campaigns can significantly drive repeat traffic or increased visitors to your website by regular direct communication or through an incentive.

According to Research Conducted by a Direct Marketing Organization:

  • 72% of consumers would prefer to receive promotions via email as compared to social media.
  • 38% of consumers say that they are opt-in to email lists because of special offers.
  • The email buy button of Shopify makes it simple for customers to proceed to checkout through emailing them the offer they’re interested in or want.

You can trigger email whenever a customer takes action. For instance, if a customer clicks on Women’s Wear. A Women’s Summer Season 5% Discount email is triggered that will be delivered two days later.


Maintaining an aggressive and competitive online business is not as easy as it may seem. You need to generate organic traffic to your site to keep buyers from coming and returning to your Shopify store. Content marketing is an effective SEO digital marketing strategy combined with social media marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, and effective link building strategies. If ever you can’t keep up with the SEO tasks, you can hire a search engine optimization marketing agency if you’re too busy with your Shopify store business operations.