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Proven Strategies to Get More Instagram Followers

Instagram Followers

Instagram is the superstar of the social networking scene and it has sky-high popularity at the moment. Instagram stories and Instagram live has amplified the consistent rise of its popularity. This year, Instagram launched its new feature, IGTV where a user can upload long form vertical video that makes it more powerful to stream your life with the whole world. However, these ways are great when it comes to leverage this powerhouse platform but without good content, you can’t get the most out of it.

Having a massive following will not give you good outcomes unless they are not engaging with you. There are some strategies that will help you to attract your targeted audience but make sure that you are curating good content that will engage your followers. Although it is a little bit time-consuming it will give you desired results. Follow these strategies to get more Instagram followers as you want to see your follower count rise.

Strategies to Get More Instagram Followers

Use Popular Hashtags

Find some new and relevant hashtags before you go for posting new photo or video. When you will start to type your search, you will see a plenty of hashtags at the right-hand side, utilize these hashtags that are more relevant to your content. In addition to these relevant hashtags, use the timely hashtags that will grab the attention of those who are not following you. It means use that hashtags that are popular and trending at that moment such as holidays, Movie premiers, major entertainment events, TV shows, mega Sports events etc.


Either you are posting a video, photo, or stories, don’t forget to add relevant geotag whenever you post. That way, you can draw the attention of local users, when they see posts related to that place or location, users will see your posts too. Posts with geotags can get 79 percent more engagement than those posts without geotags that leads to gain more following count. You can view geotags at the top left side of your post

Curate Your Content

Always remember more eyes on your content. So try to create a content calendar for your Instagram account. Make a planner for your posting weekly or monthly. Schedule your post according to this planner whenever you have got time. Use OnlyPult, Plano and Schedugram tool for scheduling your posts. Remember to highlight the special events at the top of the planner. Whatever you post outside of this planner will be supplementary for the promotion of your brand.

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Interact With Your Audience

Be human and whenever your followers leave a comment, interact with them. Human interaction is not a hack or strategy whereas it is a natural factor to engage more people with your post.  It can make a big difference when it comes to getting Instagram followers. However, according to studies photos or videos with faces in them are 38 percent more tend to get engaged with than pictures without faces in them.