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Pros and Cons of IAM Solutions for Schools


Identity and Access Management offered by the third-party providers can be an ideal solution for schools as it gives you access to a support center with full control of your IT department. IAM Software can include various services like directory service authentication, multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, and adaptive authentication. 

Talking about the schools or other educational institutes, IDaaS has a crucial role to play. There are several IDaaS services in the market you can opt for, like HelloID. Else, you can look at this article where you shall know the pros and cons of IDaaS solutions for schools. 

Advantages of IAM solutions for schools

Seamless and less time-consuming

Since multi-channel authentication can be highly complicated, deploying, building, and managing in-house services by ourselves takes considerable time. Also, if any problem erupts, you need to consult the vendor to solve that problem. But on the other hand, if an IDaaS solution is adopted and any problem evokes, a team of professionals is there to solve that obstacle.    

It can be integrated easily

You can easily integrate IAM through an application suite. You can even use different policies for user communities like employees, customers, partners, and vendors.

Added security

They are highly effective in nullifying cyber threats, as security experts create them. Choosing the right vendor helps reduce the risk of a data breach, which can lead to heavy data and financial losses. 

Helps in saving maintenance and development costs

While you go for in-house identity services, which require immense development to onboard new customers, fix any identified bugs, and meet new compliance requirements.

Reduced complexity

It can help decrease the complexity at some level by reducing fees for hardware and software, maintenance, and staffing. It can also reduce the current IT operations burden and let IT leaders focus on their businesses. 

Disadvantages of IDaaS solutions for schools

There are several cons associated with the identity as a service (IDaaS) for schools.


You must pay for identities on websites like active directory domain services, which are full of hefty prices. Other than that, you also have to pay hosting fees. 

Lack of flexibility

Though the vendor of IDaaS maintains the software, they do not upgrade the software for every school.

The critical functions of your school activities may be in danger

While taking IDaaS services, the vendor shall have access to all your identities and functions like a firewall, anti-software, anti-malwares, et cetera. This could be a limitation if you are not using the services of a trusted vendor. 

Creates a problem if the authentication server fails

This problem can force the additional burden of multiple authentication servers to supply prolixity. Also, it creates one breach purpose besides a single purpose. 


Implementing IDaaS in your school means you fully depend on the service provider who can access all your data and critical information.


The infrastructure of IDaaS is one of the most flexible cloud computing models. It provides many benefits to its clients; however, like any growing company, there are a few challenges, like data security. This factor can be of utmost concern for every school, which can determine its future possibility.