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Professional Scrum Product Owner™ Level I (PSPO™) Training


A Product Owner plays a huge role in the growth of an organization with maximum business value. This is why there is a huge demand across the world from top organizations or even mid-sized or small businesses who have embraced Agile and Scrum framework to hire the right candidate for their firm who can ensure product development and delivery towards success.

Considering the growing significance of a Scrum Product Owner for a Scrum team, it becomes pertinent for the interested individuals to gain the requisite skills of a skilled Product Owner. For this, you can take up a number of courses available online but to select the right one for you is a little tough. But don’t worry as we have got you covered.

This article talks about the KnowledgeHut’s latest Professional Scrum Product Owner™ Certification, a professional designation in the field of Scrum. The objective behind helping you get certified as PSPO is that there has been a great surge in their hiring demand noticed across all top hiring companies. This PSPO Training certification course is the best opportunity to gain the required skills of Scrum Product Owner.

Let’s understand the increased importance of a Professional certified scrum product owner-employee and what this entire course has to offer to you:

I. Overview of the PSPO™ Level I Training

The Professional Scrum Product Owner™ Training is designed with the aim to help the interested participants of the course in boosting their product owner expertise and develop into expert product owner who truly owns the product. With the help of this PSPO training, you get to equip yourself with the requisite knowledge and understanding to increase the worth of systems and products and get a clear understanding on all aspects of product management that contribute to the value of their products.

Effective product owners who are also adept at using Lean agile and scrum to maximize that business value of the company have full control over the value drivers for their product. You gain exactly that through this two-day Professional Scrum Product Owner I (PSPO™ I) training. Become a product owner who truly owns the business and the product; do not simply act as a scribe. Instead, act as an entrepreneur with tactical and strategic direction authority.

After the completion of the PSPO training course, you need to take the PSPO™ exam to earn Professional Scrum Product Owner™ Level I certification. In this regard, the training course places a strong emphasis on how vision, value, and validation help to connect strategy and product execution. It will prepare you to ace the challenging PSPO™ exam on your first attempt. With the PSPO™ I certification, you can show that you understand the Scrum framework thoroughly and know how to use it to maximize the value of a product. The certification serves as additional proof of your commitment to the Scrum methodology and to ongoing professional development. So, obtain the Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification to maximize value.

II. Why Should You Get Professional Scrum Product Owner™ Certification?

According to the 14th Annual State of Agile, Product Owner is currently the most in-demand role in Product Development, with a significant 49 percent increase in product road mapping.

According to LinkedIn, it ranks third among the top 5 professions of the future, and the World Economic Forum identified it as the top emerging position in product development globally (Jobs of Tomorrow Report 2020).

Industries outside of IT and software are placing an unprecedented amount of value on their Scrum professionals’ training and certification. According to research, certified Scrum practitioners could command higher salaries than their non-certified counterparts and earn more money outside of the IT sector, such as in the entertainment industry.

The demand for PSPO professionals is rapidly increasing across industries, including banking, consulting, education, finance & manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications, media & entertainment, government, retail, insurance, oil, and gas & energy, as Agile and Scrum are revolutionizing the way companies are working and building their products and services.

Leading companies all over the world, such as ExxonMobil, Dow Jones, Spotify, Tesla, Twitter, Walmart, and Lockheed Martin, have embraced this potent framework to speed up the time needed to put products on sale, raise quality, boost employee self-esteem, and develop into truly adaptive companies. Gain the Scrum.org® Professional Scrum Product Owner certification, hone your Product Owner skills, and take advantage of the high demand across industries.

III. What you will learn in the PSPO I course

  1. Extensive understanding of the Product Owner’s role: Primarily, it is crucial for you to learn Agile values, the responsibilities of a Product Owner’s, and how to inculcate the much-needed leadership qualities of a Product Owner.


  1. Learning the management of products with agility: To understand every aspect involved in managing of products, you need to understand the vision and value of the project, forecasting and release planning, product backlog management, plan effective business strategy, and how to collaborate with stakeholders and customers.


  1. Contribute to the evolution of an Agile organization: You can give your optimum contribution in the growth and evolution of the organization by mastering evidence-based Management.


  1. Product Development and Delivery: If you want to manage development and delivery of products, learn to manage technical risks on time and use Emergent software development.


  1. Monitoring Product Delivery: Metrics to monitor successful delivery include understanding business values and measuring business value through KPIs.


  1. Effective handling of a Scrum Project: Product development, the applicability of user stories, estimating and prioritizing requirements, and forecasting ability with Scrum is all necessary for successful Scrum project management.

IV. Final Remarks

There are absolutely no prior requirements that you need to satisfy in order to take up the Professional Scrum Product Owner™ Level I (PSPO™) Training. However, it is advisable that you come with a basic knowledge of Scrum and its application in a real-world scenario to understand the concepts better. In this regard, KnowledgeHut’s Agile and Scrum Foundation Training course serves as a good primer.