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How to Order from Walmart Using Your Google Home

Walmart Using Your Google Home

Google Home is a really useful virtual assistant. As good as Google Assistant on smartphones, there is Google Home for your home. Accepting and working on user voice commands is one of its main functions. Similar to Amazon Alexa, the Google Home is the primary smart speaker range from Google. Google Home is using the Google Assistant service for processing user voice commands and is a hit in the international market. Talking of markets, ordering from Walmart is now a possibility on your Google Home device. Using such advance levels of virtual assistance and getting things done right requires some serious processing power.

So, Google and Walmart came together in a partnership to announce the launch of their new service. Now it is possible to order from Walmart using Google Home using the services of Google Express. The service is live and works brilliantly on Google Home! To set things up, all you need to do is setup up and activate your payment method, save your billing as well as shipping information. That’s about it and you’re good to go! Given the reputation of Google, you can be pretty much be guaranteed that your information is stored safely. Using the service is pretty easy and fast as well. Example: “Ok Google, order my saved grocery list from Walmart”.

Firstly, it asks for confirmation to add products to your cart. Next, the assistant asks if you would like to pay the total including shipping charges.

Reducing Friction To Purchase

As per the usual Walmart shipping, they provide free shipping if the order reaches 35$. So the Google Assistant even reminds you about this in case it is not 35$. There are several prompts offered as per the shopping experience as if done manually. Getting your deals and promotions as a reminder before the final checkout is another option that is available on Google Home. It’s an all-round experience that considers all stages of your purchase. Imagine not having to worry or searching for running promotions and getting reminded to do so. All this, done virtually with your and the assistant’s voice in a two-way conversation!

Just like Walmart you could soon be getting such and advanced updates from other offline and online services. Be it your local flower vendor or online Tech giants like Netflix, everything done manually with just your voice.

Voice App Services providers are consistently working around to improve the user experience.

The shopping experience is really good on the Google Home and it is definitely going to be the preferred way for users. Having a home-based virtual assistant which functions even remotely is a great way to get things done. Keep in mind all this is possible without manually having to visit the URL on your phone or laptop! A hassle free experience which lets you order your grocery and other shopping items is nothing short of a blessing.

You can get your shopping cart en route to your place without human interaction or doing something manually. Additionally, you get the same used experience as you would on their desktop site. Google reminds you of any offers running and various other shopping/billing methods. It’s completely like getting everything done with your mere voice without any worry!

Voice Shopping as a Trend:

The concept of shopping online or doing anything online is now possible through voice assistants! That is possible not on just one device but many devices through many vendors. There’s Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant and even Apple’s Siri. That’s not all, these virtual assistants are available on a variety of devices from these companies. Amazon’s range of Echo speakers, Apple HomePod and now even Google Home. All these AI enabled devices have continued regular updates to their skills and features.

With more and more markets and online services opening support, this is merely the starting for an era of smart speakers. Currently, Walmart opened its doors for Google Home. In the future, many more will be doing the same for other devices. All this is possible thanks to IoT and NLP- in short, Artificial Intelligence. You could place orders on Amazon or get reminded to wash your car at your local car service without having to worry or get into any hassle at all.