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Microsoft Solutions That Small Businesses Must Have

Microsoft Solutions That Small Businesses Must Have

Australia, the smallest continent in the world, has a developed and thriving economy. Most countries envy the Australian economy since it remained stable from 1991 up until 2020. In 2018, Australian residents were considered to have the highest median wealth per adult. Australia is also a great country for businesses. The expanding cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne have helped in accelerating Australia’s economic growth.

If you own a small business in Australia, you will have a hard time competing with the larger corporations. Nevertheless, your small business will not run out of customers as long as you are managing them well. Fortunately, there are business solutions from Microsoft distributors Australia that can help manage your businesses more effectively and efficiently. Here are some of the Microsoft Solutions that you must have for your business.

Azure for Small Businesses

Small business owners must utilize cloud computing solutions for their business processes. One cloud computing solution that small businesses may use is Microsoft Azure. Azure lets small businesses streamline their business processes and store important data within the cloud without the need for expensive infrastructure. Small businesses can use Azure with no upfront cost but instead will only pay a fee when you use the solutions offered by Azure.

Azure enables owners to save money while continuing to grow their businesses. When there is a need for the SMBs to expand, Azure can easily accommodate the expansion. Azure allows small business owners to consolidate all their business processes into a streamlined service.

Another advantage of Azure is that it comes from Microsoft, which means that Azure can deploy your business applications through the existing Microsoft data centres across the globe. Being part of Microsoft also means that your business data is protected with top of the line security under the Microsoft Team.

Office 365 for Small Businesses

Office 365 is more than just a word processing solution. Although the Office 365 still lets you access Microsoft Office software such as Excel, Word, Publisher, and PowerPoint, it does a lot more. With Microsoft 365, each person under the subscription plan will receive 1TB of OneDrive storage space and free 60 minutes of landline and mobile number calls via Skype.

Microsoft 365 also includes new tools that your small business can use, such as the following:

  • Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams can let small businesses create teams within their organization but still connected with the entire company. For example, your business can create a team with everybody in the company as members. Likewise, if your company is divided into different departments, you can create a separate team dedicated to a specific department.
  • Money in Excel. Microsoft 365 will also allow you to connect with online banking and convert your transaction details into an excel worksheet. This capability will allow you to track and monitor your company’s financial statements easily.

Microsoft 365 is a cloud computing platform that empowers your employees with the right tools for collaboration while still retaining individual productivity. One of the best advantages of using Microsoft 365 and Azure is that they can give your small business the best data protection possible. Microsoft distributors in Australia have integrated security features in place with their data networks to ensure that your data is safe from every possible misuse or hacking.