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Why is it so Important to Hire a Dedicated Scala Developer in 2024?


If you need the edge when it comes to frontend development, you should hire a dedicated scala developer. Hiring scala coders allows you to cross-compile your code to JavaScript that can run on all major browsers. There are all of the benefits of JavaScript (including security and hyperlinking) but none of the problems that come with writing JavaScript software.

In this article, we’ll show you why you should hire scala developer teams for your next project.

What is Scala?

JavaScript was designed to make interactions on websites possible and it’s still one of the most important and ubiquitous programming languages in the world. However, JavaScript was designed in the early days of the Internet and our needs have changed a lot. Building large, complicated web apps with JavaScript’s dynamic typing feature has become a major hassle and results in a lot of bugs caused by incorrect assumptions. Developers often aren’t sure whether they’ve done everything right when it comes to variable declarations or the proper use of data types.

That’s why you want to get Scala professionals on board. Scala.js has a strong typing system that prevents you from making mistakes during compilation. You can also install the Scala plugin in VS Code or IntelliJ IDEA, so your IDEA can point out errors before you even start coding.

Most people use Scala for frontend development but you can write backend code in Scala too to enjoy all of its advantages as a programming language.

The Differences Between Scala and JavaScript

There are several differences between Scala and JavaScript that you’ll pick up when you hire a Scala js developer for the first time. JavaScript is dynamically typed, Scala is statically typed. But its features like type inference make it feel like a dynamic language. Scala idioms favor immutable variables and collections. Its so-called expressive syntax is very concise and readable. As a pure OOP language and a FP language, Scala encourages a fusion of the two. Everything in Scala is an expression and you can write systems-level code with Scala Native.

Where can I Hire a Dedicated Scala Developer?

Because of the advantages of Scala, you can build useful code very quickly with minimal error. However, finding an experienced Scala developer for hire isn’t easy. Scala is relatively new and there aren’t many developers that have made the switch to Scala from JavaScript. Moreover, lots of large companies are willing to pay top dollar for qualified Scala developers for their projects.

You could try your luck on freelancer sites like Fiverr or Upwork, but it takes some effort. You have to post jobs, screen candidates, check references and follow up on your own. Once you’ve hired someone, you’ll have to manage their time, manage payments, and manage their performance.

Formal job boards are another option, but there are usually fees involved and most candidates are looking for full-time work, not project work. You could search via a recruitment option. Recruitment agencies can find the best candidates, and they’ll handle the screening and checks on your behalf, but it’s the most expensive option by far. Recruitment agencies will charge between 10-20% of the candidate’s salary if you decide to hire them.

Instead, most companies looking for Scala developers go to outsourcing agencies in countries like Ukraine, India, or China. These agencies have qualified and experienced Scala developers on their books that are ready to work with you at a moment’s notice. The added benefit of this approach is that it’s very affordable – developers charge a third of the price that UK or US developers would, but they are every bit as experienced as their Western counterparts.


JavaScript is the most used programming language in the world, but it’s not necessarily the best tool for the job. Scala might be new but it’s already proving extremely useful and easy for developers to use. If you want to build a website quickly and without errors slowing you down, hire a dedicated Scala developer or a team of Scala developers to assist you. You’ll be amazed to learn what you can do with this new and exciting programming language at your disposal!