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How to Secure a Future-Facing Career

How to Secure a Future Facing Career

With the job market in flux and the world economy in unpredictable waters, those looking to build out their career, or those considering a career change, would do well to choose a field that is future-facing. That means selecting from a range of jobs that are certain to be in demand, therefore paying well, long into the future. In this article, you will look at the three things that you can do to prepare for the future, selecting studies and interests that’ll help you add value to your personal and professional profiles.


The future is nested within data. Already, data science trends point towards a world in which everything we do is tracked, ensuring that companies can draw value from data. Health data will be tracked, too, helping people to determine when they are showing the early signs of illness, or helping us generate discounts on life and health insurance. Data will be put to work from your kitchen to the world’s largest factories to make the world more efficient.

As such, there will need to be several thousand data engineers in each city of the future, helping to build models that help companies understand the data that we’re all generating. To train up in these skills early, finding a data science course and signing up for it now will ensure you’re highly employable in the coming years.

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People Skills

There’s a growing consensus among business leaders that people coming out of universities and colleges are highly intelligent but lacking in the social skills crucial for many jobs. It’s wise to consider how you can improve these social skills as you progress your career, as this will set you apart from other applicants for jobs you’re interested in.

There are hundreds of ways to advance your social skills. Consider signing up for public speaking classes or presenting your work – be it homework or company research – when you can. If you’re still concerned that your social skills are lacking, this is something that you can address with the help of a specialist counselor, who will walk you through how to improve this crucial part of your profile.


Just as data and technology will play a central role in any future workplace, so will environmental concerns. It is here that you may be able to school yourself in the kind of science and know-how that will be highly critical for businesses of the future. It’s not long before environmental audits will be a must-have for firms, and they’ll need individuals to perform them.

Climate science, the science of batteries, and the research of renewable energy is also likely to be given more and more funding in the coming years as everyone aims to develop these areas of research. This means that those with a scientific mind should consider remaining at university in order to qualify as a doctor or research assistant to help companies and research institutions develop the eco-friendly technology of the future.