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How to Naturally Increase Your Domain Authority in Google’s EYES

How to Naturally Increase Your Domain Authority in Google’s EYES
How to Naturally Increase Your Domain Authority in Google’s EYES


“Slow and steady wins the race”

but in this case the opposite happens, which means slow and steady will make you decrease your domain authority.

But how this concept has a connection with domain authority?SLOW WON’T HELP

Let me use an example to explain you clearly.

There are two shops near your house; one shopkeeper keeps you waiting for a long to give you the respective items you want to buy.

At the same time, the other shopkeeper is very fast at work, so you will recommend the second shop to your friends, rather than the first.

So what happened here?

The domain authority of the second shop increased due to his fast work. The same thing is applicable to sites, no one prefers a slow-loading site when they can actually switch to another site having high loading speed.

What to do then?

Try to maximize the loading speed of your site as much as possible, to get high domain authority.


What are internal links?

And why it is important when it comes to domain authority?

Internal links are links that help you to navigate a page from one part of the page to another part. And to help you understand why it is important, let me explain with an example.REFINE INTERNAL LINKING

Let us consider there are two malls in your area. You always prefer ‘A’ mall over ‘B’ mall.

But why?

Because you find mall A to help you easily find the items, through directions and through volunteers.

At the same time mall, b makes you confused every time when you visit there.

You cannot get connected with them and often get difficulty finding items. Similarly, when you improve the internal linking of your page people find it easier to get the information they want rather than scrolling down the whole page.

What to do then?

Check properly whether all the internal linking of your page is working properly or not, if not then mend those links and put them in all the right places on your site to help people visiting your page.


Yes, it is important to keep in mind that domain authority is highly connected with the fact that your site is mobile-friendly or not. But how?MOBILE ALLY

As easy it is to explain to you with a simple example. Mohan has a grocery shop, he takes payment in both cash and mobile payment, hence people always prefer to visit his shop compared to the other neighbor shops.

Yes you exactly got my point, Mohan is quite smart he put the people’s preference when it came to payment mode, similarly when make your site both mobile-friendly and PC-friendly, people will eventually love your site.

What to do then?

Make your site both mobile-friendly and PC-friendly and always keeps in check how it works on both devices, this will gradually increase your domain authority.


What are unsafe links?

And why it is preferred to detach those links from the site? Unsafe links are those links which points to a source not relevant to its content given.DETACH UNSAFE LINKS

Always gain only relevant niche edits for your domain. To explain to you why unsafe links need to be detached I will tell you an example.

In a classroom we don’t interact with each and everyone in the classroom, we usually prefer to interact with students who are reliable than those who are not reliable. Similarly, when it comes to internal links on our site, there are many links that are not safe and lead to irrelevant data, putting a bad impression on the site.

What to do then?

Remove all those internal links which are not relevant from you site and replace them with new and safe links. It will actually help you to increase the domain authority of your website, as your site will be completely safe for the users.


Now you might be thinking about what I want to explain. Like what is sugar in bee’s world? What is the connection of this with domain authority?SUGAR IN BEE’S WORLD

Bees are always attracted by sugar, right?

Similarly, I am telling you to become a sugar for the bee’s means for other websites. But how will that happen? It will happen only if you provide high-quality content. Content full of useful information, images, graphs, etc. which will make other authorities link their websites with you. And the fact here is the more others will get linked up with you the more increase you will get in your domain authority.

What to do then?

The resources you are providing on your site should be written by you or someone who has a good knowledge of the specific topic or area you’re presenting. Even a small grammatical error can decrease your domain authority, so check everything properly, before you put the content on your website.

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