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How To Install Blackboard on PC


Do you need an application that will help you keep a track of your course? If yes, then Blackboard for PC is the right application for you. With its help you can stay up-to-date easily. Not only can you view all the modifications in your content and courses, you can also get notifications to all the events or course changes through this application.


What are the main features Blackboard comes with?

Blackboard is an application for Android that was created by Blackboard Inc. and made available on the Google Play Store on January 15, 2015 for users of Android devices. It is a testament to Blackboard’s widespread popularity that it has been accessed more than one million times. The most recent version of Blackboard that can be found on the internet which is v 3.10.0, which has a file size of 93.76 MB.

With the Blackboard app you can easily take up tests and assignments, review your grades for al the tests, courses, and assignments. This application is also pretty helpful for the instructors as they can keep a track of their assessments and courses and receive notifications regarding submissions and that they’re ready for submission. Instructors can also mark the assignments using this app.

Need to send course announcements? Use Blackboard for it! People can also build discussion boards and send comment replies. If you have any kind of questions or suggestions, you can make use of the feedback feature of the application and send the developers your reviews.

How to Run the App on PC?

On a personal computer, you can install Blackboard. However, before you can continue, you will need to begin by setting up an emulator on your Windows or MAC computer. This is available for no cost as a download. Check both the minimum and the recommended functional requirement before you download the emulator on your computer.

These might change depending on whatever version of the emulator you use. It is strongly suggested that you obtain the most recent version of the emulator. You’ll find many free Android emulators; choose any one of them.

  • As soon as you get the emulator, you will have to install the application onto the emulator. Here are the steps for that:
  • Open the emulator set up file on your Windows computer and click on it. This will install it on your computer. Follow the directions that appear on the screen in order to install it according to your preferences.
  • After that, open the shortcut on your desktop to launch the emulator, and then sign in using your Google account.
  • After that, navigate to the home screen of emulator and select the Google Play Store icon from there.
  • You may find Blackboard by typing its name into the search box in Google Play.
  • Install Blackboard on your computer by going to the Play Store and selecting the Install option. This will finish the download of Blackboard on your computer.

Now organize your course better on your PC!