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How to Cancel your Broadband Contract for free

How to cancel your broadband contract for free

If you are in a middle of a contract, and you want to move on to a better option then you need to pay a termination fee. But in case you’re facing a problem with a broadband connection, such as the one where you are not getting speed you are paying for, and the price of broadband is hiking, then you can terminate a contract for free. Some providers are strict and charging a fee on termination or cancellation of a contract, but a few providers will let you go for free of cost. Here are a few tips which will help you to cancel your broadband contract for free.

If a provider increases the price

Mostly this reason happens when customers need to switch to another provider. The broadband service provider increases the prices of the broadband connection so in this case, you can switch for free. According to the UK law of the UK, the provider should need to send you a letter to inform you that they are increasing the price. In that letter there is mention if you want to switch to another provider, then you can switch for free. But you get this opportunity twice a year I.e. in March and in September.

If you are not getting promised speed

This is a common problem happening in the problem connection. If you have a connection of 24 Mbps and you are getting a speed of 4 Mbps and you want to resolve it, let me tell you how to do it.. First, you need to complain to the provider by calling the operator. If they fail to resolve your problem then you have a chance to cancel the contract and switch to another network for free. You will have the solid reason that you are not getting the internet speed you are paying for, and the service provider fails to provide you proper speed. So you can claim free termination.

If contract period is over

If you are not facing any technical issues in the current provider, and you are getting good speed but still you want to quit the network then what to do. First of all without claiming any solid problem you can’t cancel the contract for free. If you want it free then you should have to wait for the contract periods termination. If you are on the 1-year contract and you have spent 8 months then you have to wait more 4 months for contract time period termination. Once it is over you are free to go with any broadband provider.


We recommend you to complain first if you face any problem with the broadband connection. If the provider fails in solving your problem then you have the right to quit the contract and think about another broadband service provider. For cancellation you should have a solid reason and once you have decided to quit then stick on it because the customer support will try to convince you to stay on their network.