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How Instagram Reels Help Promote Different Businesses


Video posts have the highest overall engagement rate at 1.87% compared to 1.11% for image posts. And it makes such a tool a great way to promote http://nationalcasino.com/hi/casino/roulette or a beauty salon. And while some may call Reels an attempt to catch up with TikTok, they can actually bring in customers.

What Reels Are

Reels are short vertical videos of up to a minute in length that don’t disappear after 24 hours, but are saved in your account.

Whereas in stories you show what’s happening here and now, not forgetting the storytelling, in Instagram Reels, you post dynamic videos that don’t need to be continued.

How to Shoot

You take your phone and shoot clips in the daytime, standing in front of a window. Natural light and 15 minutes of time is all you need. For a more professional shoot, you can buy a circular lamp, light boxes and other equipment.


There is no need to install third-party programs, either – you can do it with the functionality of the platform itself.

How to Choose an Audio Track

When you add popular music for reels, they attract people’s attention and views increase, as does the popularity of the account.


Just go into your stories. Instagram will recommend you the most popular tracks if you click on the “Music” icon.


How to do this:

Go to Stories.

Add a picture or take any picture with the camera.

Go to the Stickies menu.

Find and click the Music icon.

Select a track from either the “For You” or “Browse” section.


You can promote for free with your own sound! To do this, first make an account open and then record the original reels audio track. If you manage to swirl, you, as the author, will be at the very top of all reels with the “Original” mark. Users will want to see what other videos there are with that sound, and they’ll see you.


Click on the “magnifying glass” at the bottom of the screen and you’ll be able to see a special selection that Instagram’s algorithms have generated for you. There will be Reels videos, too, which will keep you up to date on fashion trends with your subject matter and interests in mind.


Just enter hashtags related to your project. You’ll be able to find popular Reels videos here. See what music authors of similar profiles are using.

Tik Tok

All trends appear there first. A Reels video is an attempt to catch up with the Chinese social network. That’s why the platform is a great way to find and select trending music. Check out the Discover TikTok pages or on Tokboard.

Reels Statistics

The rils format is designed to entertain people, so the algorithm is set up to show as much fan content as possible in the feed. As with the “Interesting” section, most of what a user sees is created by accounts they are not subscribed to.

To get more coverage in Reels, Instagram advises:

Don’t shoot Reels with low resolution and watermarks.

Try not to make videos that might upset or hurt people in some way.

Don’t make Reels on political topics and don’t post videos from politicians, parties or officials.


Reels statistics can be viewed, both overall and for a specific video. Key stats metrics:


“Like” marks.





Interactions with Reels video.


To view the statistics of a particular video: Open Reels, click on “…”.

Do You Need Tags

Hashtags help attract users who don’t follow specific Instagram accounts but do follow certain tags. At Reels, you don’t just need them to get into recommendations. Just like with content in the feed, you can think of branded hashtags to increase visibility. To promote Reels you should choose no more than 10-15 tags, use the direction of your business, the city, if it makes sense, the name of the city district and other geographical references.