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How do Commercial Espresso Machines Work?

How do Commercial Espresso Machines Work

Stainless steel boilers, copper tubes, hardware, and intelligent firmware, everything programmed, profiled and accurately engineered. The espresso machine is a fully genuine machine that comes with plenty of wires, steam, and metal. You can be surprised when you see the whole inside working process of the espresso machine, there are many types of machines available in the market and all perform the same work: force warm water moves through tasty ground coffee.

Most people asking a question regarding the espresso machine that which brand do it fast? Or how the machine work without getting lost in the mechanical thick? So here in this guide, I’m going to help you to choose the one as well as what to look for in a commercial espresso machine.

On the other hand, in most commercial machines the hot water moves through four separate levels before it hits ground coffee. It seems like this: water > pump > boil > steam wand

How to Pick the One

Picking the best commercial espresso machine for your cafeteria, espresso bar, or café can be an intimating job. With a lot of different brands of machines available on the market, how do you pick the one that is best for you as well as fulfill your needs? Before choosing the one make sure you understand which features are right for you? Also, before buying you should need to check out the pros & cons of the machine on internet.

There are tons of shops and online platforms available where you can easily buy an espresso machine. Also, you can purchase a large variety of commercial equipment on these platforms. Make sure, that the one you are going to buy is working perfectly especially in your café environment.

However, if you are entirely new to the world of the espresso machine, then this guide helps you to begin.


Below, I’ll show you some of the most significant factors that you should need to consider in a commercial espresso machine before purchasing it.

First of all, check out the automation and machine flow of work

Then style, their servicing, and reliability

After considering all the options, take a look at the cost of the coffee maker machine.

I hope the machine suits your café needs.

Another most important factor is to choose the capacity – when it comes to capacity there are two main choices:

  • Multi boiler
  • Heat exchange

Multi Boiler Machine

The multi boiler machine comes with two boilers, one lower temperature boiler for preparing coffee and the other one is a larger boiler that gives high temperature for makisng steam. The main advantage of using this multi boiler machine is that you have direct access over the water temperature to make the coffee. This kind of machine may as well be more consistent to control the temperature, besides, this results in a more reliable flavor in the cup.

Heat Exchange Machine

This commercial espresso machine comes with one steam boiler and has a copper pipe as well that helps the water to heat by the high temperature of the steam boiler. The getting high temperature the heated water then goes and used to make the coffee. This heat exchange machine is an accurate choice for offices, cafes, and restaurants where brewing coffee is stable all over the day. On the other hand, this coffee machine also tends to be a small size, so it’s a great choice when you have a tight space.