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The Ultimate Guide To SMS Marketing Automation


It’s recommended that all businesses should invest in short message service (SMS) marketing. Today, text messaging serves as a crucial communication channel for companies and entrepreneurs like you. 

Most consumers are believed to be more likely to have an interaction with enterprises through text messaging. Per a certain study, text messages are said to have a 98% open rate compared to emails. Henceforth, SMS marketing, along with social media and email marketing, is a must-have marketing approach for business owners like you. 

SMS marketing automation may be ideal for boosting your return on investment (ROI). Generally, it may be the most straightforward method of improving sales. If you have wavering thoughts on whether or not to give it a try, here are some of the important considerations you need to know about SMS marketing automation.

An Introduction to SMS Marketing Automation

It’s great to start with what SMS marketing is all about. In simple terms, it’s sending out promotional content via text messages. It takes an opt-in marketing approach that requires contacts to subscribe to it. Some common types of SMS marketing include discounts, surveys, personalized promotions, or remarketing. 

Consumers nowadays expect to be able to get in touch with businesses via text messages through mobile devices for convenience. SMS marketing automation takes the method to a different level by integrating an automated system or software to handle the activities of delivering promotional or transactional messages, or updates to consumers via text messages. 

One of the best aspects of automation is allowing companies to simultaneously send out text messages to a long list of consumers. 

SMS marketing automation allows you to reach out to your consumers in a timely and targeted manner without the hassle of manual interaction. Today, some of the perks include personalization and even bulk messaging. You might want to consider reliable texting and ringless voicemail platforms with automation capabilities to seamlessly spread the word about what your brand has to offer. 

Sending a series of messages of appreciation and information about your business after a purchase or welcome messages to consumers who sign up for your opt-in campaigns is one way to make the most of automation. The strategy may be advantageous for your SMS marketing campaign.

If you want to learn more about text messaging and ringless voicemail with automation capabilities, check out the following link:

What You Need to Know About Automated Text Messages 

SMS automation sends pre-formatted messages to a list of consumers on a predetermined schedule with little or no manual intervention.

Most SMS marketing platforms nowadays allow you to configure drip campaigns that trigger automated text messages during certain time intervals or if clients take a particular action. The strategy will help you connect with your customers more effectively.

Generally, it’ll require you to configure workflows and sequences where you can engage with your clients at certain points in the sales funnel. 

Various businesses nowadays are well aware of the benefits SMS marketing automation brings. Retail, logistics, gaming, health, travel, and finance are just a few industries that use the aforementioned method.

How Do SMS Marketing Automation Platforms Work

Choosing a dependable SMS marketing automation platform is critical if you want to stay ahead in a highly competitive business. SMS marketing automation platforms enable the creation of personalized message experiences across all client touch-points in the sales funnel.

Most software collects client phone numbers automatically. The platforms contact customers via targeted messaging and help boost sales by utilizing their decisive automated workflows.

With the right SMS marketing automation platform, you can send text messages to consumers to spread the word about your brand. 

What are The Types of Automated SMS Campaigns

Consider the following types of automated SMS campaigns if you want to get a good start on your SMS marketing automation campaigns.

1. Order Confirmation and Shipping Details

One way to provide the best customer service is to give your patrons relevant and timely information. If you run an online business, it should include confirmation, shipping, and delivery information. Most customers appreciate receiving delivery and shipping information from businesses they do business with. Providing these messages to customers will go a long way toward building trust and a loyal customer base.

2. Birthday Greetings

A birthday is a special way to make your customers feel special and a time when most will not mind splurging on something. With this in mind, it may be a good time to send a personalized text message containing promo codes, gift vouchers, and special offers.  

3. Discounts and Promotions

Nowadays, time-sensitive promos and flash deals are trends and ideal motivating factors for consumers to purchase. Most consumers are eager to learn about promos via text messages, aside from conventional email marketing. Both should be performed closely together to achieve the best results.

Remember that promotion alone might not be enough to urge consumers to purchase a product or avail of a service. Make it a priority to effectively communicate the value they will receive and the exclusivity of the promotion. Don’t forget to conclude your message with a persuasive call to action.

4. Welcome Note

A welcome message for your customers is a great way to establish a good first impression of your brand. Consider sending a personalized text message to engage new customers and encourage first-time buyers.

Although most businesses use email for their welcome campaigns, sending text messages is an alternative way to welcome new customers.

You can use your welcome message to entice customers to check out a specific product or service, use a promo or discount code on their first purchase, or remind them of your return policies or warranties. For example, your welcome message can include a discount code that customers can use on their first purchase. 

What are The Benefits of SMS Marketing Automation

Aside from automating your text messages, make an effort to create superior experiences that can effectively increase client engagement and establish genuine connections.

When you make an effort to ensure a good start, SMS marketing automation can bring about several benefits. 

1. Ensures Better Engagement

Marketers believe that most consumers are more likely to open a text message on their mobile device than an email. As a result, text messages receive more engagement, open rate, and click-through than emails. With this in mind, it’s one reason why SMS marketing should be a core component of your digital marketing strategy. Text messages tend to outshine emails when it comes to open rates. Make SMS marketing a priority, so you never miss out on reaching a large audience.

2. Improves Information Flow

Making an effort to stay in touch with customers regularly can help your company form long-term relationships. Text messaging is a popular method of direct communication with customers. As with other marketing platforms, messages are distributed after the recipient gives permission.

3. Aids With Personalization and Delivers Straightforward Messages

You can personalize each message even if you have a mailing list with thousands of leads. A dependable SMS marketing automation platform will enable you to assign fields for personalized information such as names, services, and job titles, to name a few.

The creation of content for marketing campaigns requires time and effort. SMS marketing can help to streamline the process.

Generally, you only have to work with a maximum of 160 characters. It gives you the best chance to communicate effectively. Concise text messages will help your customers understand what you’re saying about your brand.

4. Enhances Speed and Efficiency  

When you invest in text marketing automation, you’ll spend less time managing campaigns, which will improve productivity and efficiency in the long run.

Most platforms allow you to configure a variety of automated message responses, including welcome messages, birthday greetings, order confirmation messages, shipping, and delivery and discount notifications, to name a few.

Because automated text messages require little intervention, you can concentrate on other important aspects of your business operations.

5. Increases Overall Productivity 

Manually sending text messages can take a long time, especially if you have a large client list. Furthermore, it can harm your workforce’s overall productivity. 

Remember that your workforce can accomplish more tasks rapidly and efficiently with SMS marketing automation. And your workforce will be able to concentrate on core tasks and responsibilities.

6. Boosts Customer Satisfaction

SMS marketing automation can also help you establish strong relationships with your clients by ensuring you send the right messages promptly. Most SMS marketing automation platforms can readily pinpoint specific segments in your list and send relevant offers automatically. 

You also have the option to send out customer surveys more effectively with text messages. As a result, text messages are components of an effective retention strategy. Aside from improving overall productivity, automating text messages can also help your brand maintain a consistent tone of voice. 

A Close Look at The Best Practices in SMS Marketing Automation

Once you decide to make the most of automation for your SMS marketing campaigns, it’s crucial to observe several best practices for better results. Here are several best practices to consider to ensure the best outcomes for your SMS marketing automation campaigns. 

1. Obtain Consent to Opt-In

As with other marketing forms, ensuring you obtain opt-in consent from your customers is critical to ensuring compliance and upholding an ethical code.

However, you must make an effort to be creative if you want to persuade a customer to register for your text marketing service. Some ways to entice your target audience are to offer discounts, deals, contests, or teasers.  

Even if you already have a list of consumers, avoid sending out text messages immediately. Remember that SMS marketing needs a straightforward opt-in.  

You can request customers to opt-in to text messages on your website or other online channels you’re using. Nonetheless, before you send, you should receive a text confirmation from them that they want to subscribe.

You may try sending a text message thanking them for subscribing and asking them for their confirmation with a simple Yes or No. You no longer need to send a message if a consumer responds positively. If they respond with a No, there’s no need to send a message either.

2. Avoid Overwhelming Your Recipients

For many people, receiving a barrage of text messages in a short period can be bothersome. Getting numerous automated text messages from one company can be off-putting to many consumers.  

You can avoid this in the first place by conducting tests to establish an effective and acceptable frequency. Remember, the more deals and communications you send to your clients, the better your chances of a successful start.

3. Practice Real-time Responding

Establishing a better relationship with your customers might be possible by sending them text messages. Your customers can reply and share their thoughts and opinions on your products and services.  

Some might willingly share any feedback they might have, use a discount or promo to purchase or engage in a conversation. Make sure you use an autoresponder to send targeted follow-up text messages to maintain their level of interest in what you have to offer.  

4. Be Concise and Straightforward

Avoid taking advantage of the opportunity to freely communicate with customers who express interest in your text marketing service as much as possible.

When creating text messages, keep them straight to the point, enticing and innovative. You can try offering something they find hard to reject or provide valuable information.  

5. Improve Your Content

The key in SMS marketing is to make an effort to rewrite your content until you get it right. Remember that the effectiveness of your SMS marketing campaigns rests on their relevance, power, and conciseness. You have the option to employ the skills of a professional copywriter or consult an expert on valuable tips for developing content that connects with your audience.  

The ideal content may help cut down on the time it takes for clients to communicate with you. It also applies to regular campaigns, support requests, and surveys.

Final Thoughts

When sending text messages to a large client base becomes time-consuming and resource-intensive, it may be time to consider SMS marketing automation. As automated text messaging is becoming a crucial element in marketing and communication nowadays, investing in the right SMS marketing automation platform will ensure effectively reaching out to consumers and gaining better leads and sales in no time.