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5 Game Booster Software for Windows

5 Game Booster Software for Windows

If you want to enjoy your games as you play, then you need game booster software. A game booster is what is used to fix issues that may cause your game to be slow. Nobody enjoys playing a game that lags, takes time to connect to the Internet, among others. On the other hand, a game that sails smoothly is one everyone enjoys playing.

Also, a game booster lets you boost your PC’s performance itself. The best thing about game boosters is their speed: in one tap, you can stop lags, fix glitches, increase Internet speed while stopping apps that are eating storage space. So, without further ado, this article will be sharing with you 5 game boosters that improve your game and PC performance.

The Best 5 Game Booster Software for Windows

1. Wise Game Booster

If you are looking for an app that will not cost you money yet boost the overall performance of your game, Wise Game Booster will do the job. This app is free and will help control the activities of your network and also manage your system’s processes. Furthermore, it will take care of unnecessary apps that slow down the performance of your game by stopping their activity.

The features of Wise Game Booster include a service optimizer, process optimizer, and system optimizer. Not only will these help to boost your game performance, but they can also help to boost the performance of your PC.

2. WTFast

Have you ever read an essay about games that connect slowly to the internet despite a good network connection? This game booster is that app will help to boost the speed of your Internet connection to your game for higher performance. The app also does more: it helps to control lag so that you can enjoy a smooth running of the game. However, it is important to mention that this app is not free as you have to pay to access and use it. The app does not offer a one-time one-off payment. You pay a subscription fee depending on how many systems you want to use the app to work with. So, you pay a fee per system. Also, some platforms where you can pay for research papers allow you to test out an app’s services by using its free trial before you subscribe.

3. Game Fire 6

One of the best features of this app is that it is both a free version and a paid version that works well. The free version helps to boost the performance of your game although it is important to mention that it will only give a basic boost. However, the paid version allows for a higher level of boost for overall game performance especially if you are using Windows 10. This app will do its work in the background to control the processes of your system while you play your game. This way, your game uses the needed amount of storage space to allow it to run perfectly well.

4. Razer Cortex

This software is not only a game booster but it also doubles up as a PC optimization software. This software has many different features that could help to make the overall gaming performance of a PC better. This is how it works: Razer Cortex works in the background and then closes off apps or programs that are running and thus, uses storage space. When Razer Cortex stops these apps, the rate at which the RAM of your PC was lagging will lessen.
Also, Razor Cortex performs well on high-end PCs so you should remember this before installing it.

The features of Razor Cortex include analyzing any problem that could slow down a game’s performance. You do not need to click multiple times to get this working. With just one click, this software does its job. Also, this software can tweak PCs so that they can work better. Another feature of this software is that it can update drivers which can help boost the overall game performance of the PC. Finally, Razer Cortex offers video recording and screenshots features. This way, you can either choose to screenshot or record your game as you play.

5. Superb Game Boost

Unlike the others that have been discussed so far in this list, this booster has few yet strong features that can increase the performance of a PC fast. For instance, one of its features lets you move games to its gameplay section. This way, you can easily boost the performance of the game. Another of its features is the fan display monitor which lets it show live information about the fan. Also, this software comes with a screenshot that can be necessary if you want to take pictures while you play.

One unique thing about this program they may not have the most features but the few they have are highly effective.


With game boosters, you do not have to worry about poor performance as long as you pick the right software. If you don’t have time for thorough research, you can reach out to the provider of one of the best tutoring services to write an unbiased review of game boosters for you.