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Top Free Video Sharing Sites List of 2024

Free Video Sharing Sites List

There are a number of sites that we think of when we have to share a video. If you want to share your video and make sure that it reaches the right audience, you should try and explore more and more video-sharing sites.

It is very important to attract the right audience for your video and if you are not able to do that, then there is no point in creating a video.

The right video will always help you promote the product in the right manner. As we have good internet connections, it has become easy to upload more and more content on the site.

Videos is something that all of us consume on a regular basis and have also become a part of our routine life.

There are a number of sites available for us. There are some websites that cater to a large audience. And there are some websites that cater to only a small piece of the audience.

In this article, we have made a list of some of the best video sharing sites that you may find of some use. Remember that each and every platform has its advantages and disadvantages and it depends on the kind of content that you want to share.

Vimeo video sharing:vimeo video sharing

This is the platform that is growing at a rapid speed. The number of users visiting this platform are growing with each passing day. This platform gives its users three options when it comes to working on an account.

One account is just the basic account has all the basic features that a user is looking for. The remaining two accounts are paid ones with users getting extra features for the service being offered.

If you are a professional, then you should go for Vimeo Pro account as it has more features that will take care of all your needs. You can easily edit your videos and you can also sell your videos.

As we already mentioned, these platforms do have disadvantages. However, the only disadvantage this platform has is that it has very less number of views if you compare it to YouTube.

This platform is also free of ads and helps you in distributing your videos in a great way. This platform also provides you with a call-to-action feature that increases the viewership of your videos.

If you are using a free vimeo account, it will give you 500 mb in a week. And if you opt for a premium plan, you have to pay 7$ in a week.

Dailymotion:Dailymotion video site

This platform gives you access to a large and variety of videos. You will get to see funny video, you will also get to see political and social videos, and many more.

The user can easily view the content. The user can upload the video and browse it as per their choice. You just have to search for the right tag and you can see the video of your choice.

It also lets you upload the video at your ease. The only thing that you have to remember here in this video-sharing app is that the size of the file should not be more than 2GB. And the time give to you for the same is not more than 60 minutes.

You should make sure that you compress the video if it is on the heavier side. The best part of this platform is the variety that it provides. This video publishing site offers variety to its users.

If you partner with Dailymotion, you can earn good revenue. Being a partner allows you to unlock a number of features that will help you in distributing your video to a large set of audience.

The total number of viewers that visit Dailymotion on a monthly basis is around 3.5 billion. And this is the reason that this video-sharing app can be a good alternative to youtube.

Twitch:twitch video site

If you love to play games, then this video upload site is for you. The user here tries to show how they talk about the game or how they play the game.

And the audience on the other hand can watch them play and enjoy the same. This platform also allows you to create a community of your own.

You can always chat with the other gamers from your community and enjoy the game simultaneously. There are two types of accounts that this platform has to offer.

If you are opting for a free account, then it will come with ads on your screen. And then there is a paid account known as Turbo.

If you are using a turbo account, you can save your live videos for as long as you want. This is not the case with free account users. They can only save their videos for only 14 days.

This video-sharing platform will support all your videos in MP4 format only. You should always make sure that you check the video format before you upload the same.

On a daily basis, the total number of users of this video-sharing application is 1 million, and over 2 million people stream on a daily basis.

Veoh:veoh video site

This platform will offer you a lot of content that is user-generated. You have to sign in first. After that, you can upload as many videos as you want. There is no restriction on the length of the video.

Once you upload the videos, you can link them directly to your blog. There is not only one format that works for Veoh. You can upload the video in a number of formats.

This has its own community. It also allows you to interact with a number of people, making it a socially engaging platform.

It also allows you to comment, rate the video, and do many such things at your ease. You can also watch commercial videos and videos from various productions.

List of Best Free Video-Sharing Sites in 2024


If you are uploading a video, you can always customize your video and then publish it through various feeds.