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Free Ping Submission Sites List 2024 – Fast Indexing


It’s quite heartbreaking to know that the maximum of the backlinks is not indexed by search engines Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In such a scenario, a ping website can help you to set up your personal blog or website in just no time. A single click is enough to good have the ability to start up your own blog and URL.

In simple words, ping submission is a commendable method to get your backlinks, blogs, and websites indexed by web directories, aggregates, feed websites, and search engines.

What is Ping Submission Website All About?

The ping submission websites help you to submit backlinks to the blogs and websites directly to the directories and search engines through URLs and keywords. The ping submission websites send a common notification to the directories and search engines about your content and backlinks as soon as it is conveyed with the information. This helps in stimulating your ranking by organizing better traffic rates and profits.

Method to use Ping Submission Websites

Using a ping submission website is not at all rocket science. It is indeed a time-saving method to get your backlinks indexed by several directories and search engines. So whenever you publish something on your website or blog, a ping submission website would get it to the index for improved ranking in no time.

Steps to Make it Work

  • Visit the ping submission website
  • Enter the URL that needs to get indexed
  • Pres ping/submit button
  • A configuration message that confirms anything

No payment, no account creation, or hassle, just submit the URL and get your work done right away.

There are many ping services sites. Ping service develops a website or blog sites. Ping service is a free online tool that easily promotes your blog or website. Below, I will provide a high Page Rank Pinging Submission Site List.

Top Free Ping Submission Sites List 2024 with DA and PA

Free Ping Submission Sites List DA PA
http://blogsearch.google.com 98 99
http://ping.feedburner.com 95 79
http://blogs.yandex.ru 93 80
http://bitacoras.com 75 62
http://icerocket.com 74 55
http://rpc.weblogs.com 65 55
http://ping.twingly.com 56 48
http://pingomatic.com 53 62
50 51
http://mypagerank.net/ 45 57
http://pingler.com 43 55
http://pingmyurl.com 41 50
http://coreblog.org/ping 40 44
http://addurl.nu 39 53
http://totalping.com 39 53
http://feedshark.brainbliss.com 38 43
http://bulkping.com/ping 37 44
http://autopinger.com 35 51
http://pingfarm.com 35 46
http://indexkings.com 33 42
http://auto-ping.com 32 52
http://blogmatcher.com 30 41
http://googleping.com 30 57
http://pingoat.net 30 46
http://pingsitemap.com 29 46
http://blogbuzzer.com 28 43
http://ping.in 28 50
http://pingates.com 27 55
http://pingmyblog.com 27 48
http://ezedir.com 26 36
http://pingbomb.com 26 44
http://pingmylinks.com 22 37
http://backlinkping.com 17 39
http://syncr.com 16 35

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