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Free Social Media Sites List, High PR Social Media Optimization Sites List

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Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the use of a number of social media outlets and Top Business Listing Sites 2023 communities to generate publicity to increase the awareness of a product, brand, or event.

Free SMO Sites List from here and Do quality work for your website:

Sr No SMO Sites List Page Rank Type
1 www.pinterest.com 8 Free
2 www.facebook.com 9 Free, Paid
3 www.twitter.com 10 Free
4 www.linkedin.com 9 Free, Paid
5 www.myspace.com 8 Free
6 www.digg.com 8 Free
7 www.stumbleupon.com 8 Free
8 www.reddit.com 8 Free
9 www.delicious.com 8 Free
10 www.scribd.com 8 Free, Paid
11 www.kaboodle.com 6 Free
12 www.fark.com 7 Free
13 www.care2.com 6 Free, Paid
14 www.hi5.com 6 Free, Paid
15 www.bebo.com 6 Free, Paid
16 www.dailystrength.org 6 Free
17 www.plus.google.com 9 Free
18 www.xing.com 9 Free
19 www.plurk.com 7 Free
20 www.ning.com 7 Free, Paid


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