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Free 30+ High PR Infographic Submission Sites 2024

Infographics Submission Sites
Infographics Submission Sites

Free 30+ High PR Infographic Submission Sites 2024: Infographic submission is the most effective and the most recent technique which is used by social media for the purpose of search engine optimization.

What is Infographic Submission?

Basically, Infographics are a type of graphical representation in which some information of data is integrated with the data.

At fast these infographics are used on the internet for the purpose of sharing information and link creation. With the help of graphics and data, some attractive upgrades can be created and the attractive upgrades can be a combination of creative graphics and interesting information.

There is a reason for the popularity of these infographics is the human brain wants natural aspects which are more interesting than long articles and blogs, such as the speed of processing visual elements such as photos, video, and graphics, the speed of processing 60,000 Multiplication or less.

For this reason, it has been speculated that in order to give information to the audience, a large percentage of the audience responds well to these integrated graphics with regular text. These infographics shared the information through many types of social media and also shared the speed of the graphics which is more than any other information shared on the internet.

However, the important aspect of using these infographics as a source of SEO is to create new and informative graphics in a consistent manner to avoid any confusing details.

Here are over 30 sites that showcase infographics sites list, Use this site’s list to get the most backlinks, exposure, and traffic for your infographics.
Free Infographic submission sites listed with high PR also for posting informative images for the promotion of visual content and top and best websites here.

Best Infographic Submission Sites List

S.NO. Infographic Submission Sites List Page Rank
1 https://infogr.am/ 7
2 https://datavisualization.ch/ 6
3 http://www.easel.ly/ 5
4 http://graphs.net/ 5
5 http://www.infographicsshowcase.com/ 5
6 http://chartsbin.com/ 5
7 http://infographiclabs.com/ 4
8 http://www.nerdgraph.com/ 4
9 http://www.onlyinfographic.com/ 4
10 http://topinfographic.com/ 4
11 http://www.infographic.ca/ 4
12 http://www.loveinfographics.com/ 4
13 http://www.best-infographics.com/ 3
14 http://www.infographicsamples.com/ 3
15 http://www.infographicpost.com/ 3
16 http://www.infographicsblog.com/ 3
17 http://infographixdirectory.com/ 3
18 http://www.infographicsking.com/ 3
19 http://www.dailystatistic.com/ 3
20 http://infocarnivore.com/ 3
21 http://www.infographicsposters.com/ 3
22 http://allinfographics.org/submit-infographics/ 3
23 http://infographicimages.com/ 3
24 http://newsilike.in/submit-infographic/ 3
25 http://infographicsite.com/submit-infographic/ 3
26 http://www.infographicas.com/?page_id=2 3
27 http://infographic-directory.com/submit-an-infographic/ 2
28 http://www.infographiclove.com/submissions/ 2
29 http://www.ratemyinfographic.com/post-your-infographic/ 2
30 http://www.info-graphic.co.uk/contact/ 2
31 http://infographicgenerator.co.uk/index.php/submit-infographic-for-free/ 2
32 http://www.infographicszone.com/submit-infographics 2


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