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10 Best Free Torrent Sites for Movies Download 2022

Top 10 Best Torrent Sites

Free Best Torrent Sites: We have always stood in the queue for downloading those pirated movie versions which somewhat affects our gut feeling. However, a few months back, most of the free torrent sites for movies have been banned because of which the uTorrent movies search engine has scrapped some new corners of information.

Torrent download movies are HD in quality and free from any adult content. They are regulated by the boards because of which you can enjoy the premium movie versions for free. Some of the free torrent sites for movies include:

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Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2022:


LIMETORRENTS.cc regained a spot of best-tormenting sites 2022. The operator of the site additionally launched the torrent cache a few months back that is widely used by a maximum of search engines.


TORRENT DOWNLOADS has been there for multiple years. Just like other websites, it has been actively blocked in multiple other countries. The site does not offer the no-nonsense index that confers torrents to a heavy user base each month.


The TV torrent is called EZTV.AG took a hostile shot over after the banning took place. The new group is named EZTV.AG is now imitating its own torrent releases.


Torrent scene and TORRENTPROJECT are known by all. However, they have never been a part of the top 10 list of torrent movie downloads. The website relies on DHT for finding content. Currently, it relies on more than 10 million torrents in its database.

#6 1337X

1337X was facing some crises a year back when most of the moderators and admins were protesting over the security issues. There has been a dramatic progression in terms of site design and traffic.


TORRENTZ2 is the latest version of TORRENTZ.eu which was banned around a year ago during the summers. The uTorrent movies search engine is boasting that it is not linked with torrent directly and is a self-improved version of it. 


YTS.AG has successfully captured the market within a time span of one year. None of the free torrent sites for movies are happy with the “brand hijack” and thus trying to ban the maximum of its releases.


The site was discovered quite a while ago, but it became popularized after the ban of torrent movie download took place. After the banning, THE PIRATE BAY has been operating from its original .org domain.


Nothing can be better than accessing RARBG to download torrent movies. RARBG has already captivated the hearts of the maximum of the video pirates.


The user base of this website has gradually expanded in the past several years. The trend continues because of its popularized ETRG and EETV broadcasting groups. The extra torrent (ET) community is the main reason for its success.

All the sites have been doing quite well and are in fierce competition with one another. The list includes some of the sites that have existed for decades but never made a place in top ten ever before.

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