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Five Steps to Make Pre-Owned Machinery Work for Your Business


If you run a business that requires the use of high-tech, complicated, large, or expensive machinery, then it is very likely that you spend large amounts of money on new models or replacements every few years. The idea of buying second-hand, pre-owned pieces of machinery may have crossed your mind, but perhaps you decided against it because you weren’t sure how you would ensure it was in good working order, or you thought going direct to the manufacturer was a safer bet. With these five steps, however, you should gain a better understanding of how to make pre-owned machinery work for your business.

1. Speak to Contacts

Contacts are one of the most important resources in business, and their benefits should be maximized at every opportunity. If you think you’re lacking in contacts who know about the type of machinery you’re looking for, then consider increasing your network by attending conferences or local business events and sounding out other entrepreneurs in your industry for their product knowledge. Speaking to contacts should always be your first point of call when in search of information or expertise as, even if they don’t have the exact knowledge to hand, they should be able to point you in the right direction for further research.

2. Do your Research

This is where you should act like a usual customer. Over 50% of shoppers say they do research into a product before buying it to make sure they make the best choice, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do the same. Use your contacts’ knowledge to get in touch with companies dealing in the machinery you’re looking for, and don’t forget to check online – 81% of shoppers admit to looking up a product online before purchase, allowing them to check prices and reviews.

3. Shop for Quality

Always shop for quality, not quantity. Some second-hand dealers may want to offload faulty or sub-standard products to make a quick dollar, so it’s essential you choose a pre-owned dealer that deals in top-quality machines. For instance, if it’s recycling equipment that you’re in the market for, visit recyclingbalers.com for cardboard recycling balers and other machines that can compact materials quickly and efficiently. As an entrepreneur, you don’t need to be told twice why quality matters over quantity, so cut to the chase and shop with a trusted supplier.

4. Train Staff Appropriately

According to a 2016 industry report, an average of $1,252 per employee was spent on training and development in 2015, with 28% of learning expenditures going to outsourced or external companies. This shows how highly valued good quality training is, allowing staff members to get the most out of your pre-owned piece of equipment. Just because the machine isn’t a brand-new model, don’t assume your team will know how to use it properly straight away.

5. Don’t Forget Regular Maintenance

Finally, don’t forget to service your newly bought used equipment with regular maintenance. This will keep the machine running safely and prolong its life so that it’s much longer until the next time you reach the budget for a new machine.