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8 Golden Rules for Explainer Video Production

Explainer Video Production

Explainer videos are getting a lot of attention in today’s digital world. These videos are in an animated format and are being used by companies to promote their brand, product, and services.

Animated explainer videos are known to serve the best when it comes to cost-effective ways of marketing products and services globally.

When a company creates a promotional video, it helps the audience to get more information about the products and services.

With over 81 percent of businesses opting for these videos to establish themselves in the market, it is being said that it’s one of the best marketing tools available. About 60 percent of people decide to opt for products and services that the companies offer by watching their promotional videos. 

Here are the Eight Golden Rules that you Must Follow While Making an Explainer Video:


When it comes to creating an explainer video, everyone thinks that graphics and visual effects will do the work. However, this misconception can lead you to losses if you are feeling just the same.

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Creating a professional explainer video is not easy at all. Coming up with a unique and compelling script becomes essential for an explainer video production company that wants to create a fantastic video. When you have an appealing script, it becomes easier for you to make a video, including all the necessary details of your business, brand, products, or services.

The writer must understand the motive behind creating an explainer video. He or she must include many vital segments of storytelling so that it can be visualized in the right way. You can get in touch with a professional to create the best script possible to promote your products, services, and brands globally.


Once you have a compelling script, the next step for you is to get in touch with a professional voice-over artist. If your script is unique, you must find out the best voice-over artist in your town who can lend his or her voice to convey the message to the viewers.

Explainer videos are produced to convey a message to the viewers so that they understand the benefits and importance of buying products or opting for your service that they can get. If this message is not conveyed to them clearly, then you might not be able to generate more income using the explainer videos.

The voice-over artists have the right talent and expertise to ensure that they establish an emotional connection with the viewers and make them understand the motive behind creating these videos. It’s a process that is followed by most of companies to make use of the appropriate voice and tone to create a remarkable impact on the viewers. This additionally helps you in your marketing process.


After selecting the script and voice artist, your next step is to focus on research. It has to be done manually to understand the approach that you should be taking to the market. It’s also essential for you to understand the requirements and demands of your target audience.

The first thing that you will have to research about the market that you are going to target. It includes knowing the statistics of the market, how it is performing globally, and the things that you need to consider within the specific market.

Once you have analyzed the market, you will have to understand the audience’s demands and expectations in that specific market. It will be easier for you to promote your products and services when you know your audience’s expectations. Once you give them what they want, you can generate more profits and income within a short duration of time.

You can also research the marketing tactics that work best in that specific market. You can plan your approach accordingly based on the research


The primary purpose of making an explainer video is to serve the needs and demands of the viewers. It isn’t straightforward to please everyone; therefore, try not to please anyone so that you can make good money from that specific market.

You will come across various circumstances where people will not like your products or approach. Therefore, targeting a specific audience and knowing their opinion about your products, services, or brands will help you in gaining their trust.


When you are creating an explainer video, you need to give more time to create the script, choosing the right voice-over expert, research on the market and audience, and target a specific audience.


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Keeping a limited time frame might not help you in fetching any benefits that the explainer videos offer. Once you have analyzed all the required elements, you will have to make sure that the videos that you upload are time-bound. This means that don’t create videos that are more than two minutes as the audience might get bored of watching a long video.

Making an explainer video that is not more than 90 seconds will help you in creating a remarkable impact on the audience and give them the unique experience that they are expecting from you.


Correct placement of the videos is also essential when it comes to promoting products and services globally. One of the common mistakes that most of companies make is that they tend to place their explainer videos in the “About Us” section rather than posting it on their home pages. Therefore, make sure that you place the explainer video right on the homepage where people can view it without navigating anywhere else.


Proper planning is helpful and cannot be quickly ruled out of the content. Certain aspects, such as video placement, script, budget, audiences, and many more, have to be planned entirely before launching the video in the market.

Planning helps you in building a reputation in the market and also creates a strategic approach toward the audience.


What’s more important amongst all the golden rules that are mentioned above is the testing of the explainer video. By testing the video multiple times before posting it online will help you in making great improvisations and modifications if needed. This will help you in making the video more appealing and informative.

When you test the videos several times before uploading it online, you will have to check if it sounds perfect and looks promising. 

Once you have analyzed and understood that if you post this video, then there are high chances of improving the conversion rates, you can then upload the video.

Final Words

Explainer videos are the best way to promote your products and services in the market. Considered to be an efficient marketing tool, make sure that you make the best use of it and avoid committing any mistakes. 

Keeping all the golden rules in mind, you can strategically plan the content of the video and place it correctly, which in turn, will help you in generating more qualified leads.