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Driving Traffic the Easy Way: 4 SEO Tips for Business Owners in 2024

4 SEO Tips for Business Owners in 2019

If you aren’t trying these methods to get more traffic to your website in 2024, you could be making a big mistake that risks the future of your business. As an online business owner, you probably know how important getting a lot of traffic (or visitors to your website) is. What might have worked a few years ago in SEO isn’t the same anymore, so we’re going to look at some of the best tactics to start getting the traffic your website needs to flourish.

1. Target the Right “Active” Keywords

Did you know that not all traffic is created equal? You might think you want to get as much traffic as possible – but what if those visitors simply aren’t the sort you want? In other words, some traffic sources that do provide a lot of volumes simply don’t provide visitors who are likely to spend money on your site.

You might have found a traffic source targeting a keyword suffix like “free”. This gets tons of searches and therefore provides you with lots of traffic. Great, right? Not necessarily. You see, these sort of visitors are normally looking for a free ride and will be far less likely to convert and spend money on your site. They could be not only a waste of your marketing efforts but a waste of bandwidth, too.

That’s why you need to target keywords that give you the opposite – those that provide visitors who ARE looking to spend money. That way you can increase conversion rates and start growing as a business. Some good keyword additions for this are things like “discount”. These people know they are going to be spending some money, but if you can be there with the right offer at the right moment, you should make a sale.

When you target these sorts of keywords, you might get less traffic than with a broad search term – but it will be much better traffic. Not only that, but these niche terms could even be easier to rank for. So it’s a win-win.

2. Quality is more important than quantity when it Comes to Backlinking

You might have been able to spam your way to the top of search engine rankings in the past – but that isn’t possible anymore. Search engines like Google want to see quality links from relevant authorities. They place a lot more importance on that when ranking than they used to.

3. Analyze Results and Adapt Campaigns

Use the right analytics software to make sure you know exactly which marketing campaigns are working and which aren’t. You can’t know for sure unless you’ve done the testing to prove it. The right tools can help you fine-tune your advertising to make sure you’re targeting the right keywords and using the right sales offers. You can use something like FootTraffik.co to help you here.

4. Don’t Forget Social Media

Social media is huge in SEO these days and for good reason. It isn’t an avenue you can afford to ignore much longer. Make sure you’ve got a good social media marketing campaign that has the most potential reach. Offer value to your followers and they could help spread your message for you. Social media is a hugely powerful marketing tool that doesn’t have to cost a lot to make the most of.