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How to Create Backlinks For International Expansion

How To Create Backlinks For International Expansion


Backlinks are the well-known method of off-page SEO, where you place your link in other publishing sites either through guest posting or plain link insertion.

Interested target audience clicks upon those links and gets redirected to your website. In return, you receive organic traffic, and it is much easier to convert them into customers.

These forms of link-building techniques have been the bread, and butter of many businesses for quite some time. In fact, the advent of digital marketing has also helped many small businesses expand and reach new heights.

However, how are they doing so? Is it simply the keyword optimization that is catching the google algorithm crawler’s eyes? Or is it quality international backlinks? But what is that, and how is it different from normal backlinking?

We will discuss it all in the excerpt below!

What Are International Backlinks

When any business, whether a big enterprise or small, decides to test international waters, it should start with international backlinks.

International backlinks are cheating quality backlinks on good blogs which are locally trendy in that country or region. This helps you to reach your potential international clients much faster.

However, many go wrong with the idea of international link building because they do not contemplate the cultural and geographical differences. This is why you need a blogger outreach service provider with the data and experience to help you out.

Whitecat Blogger Outreach Agency is your one-stop for all your international link-building queries.

How To Create Better International Backlinks

Here is some expert-driven advice on how you can create the best international links with your few tricks. Always remember to respect the country’s protocol and guidelines while creating guest posts and anchor text.

Always try to be somewhat relatable to the audience of that country.

1. Create Language Translated Sub-links

One creates sublinks when they want their website or blog content translated into another language. You can create up to 200 sub-links per website, but you wouldn’t need so many.

These sublinks will now diminish the language barrier between your parent company and the country you are targeting. Therefore, non-English speakers will be able to understand the content once they click on it.

2. Publish In Local Language

When you are guest posting to different domains trending in that geographical area, try to post in their local language. This will help to create a good impression on your client.

However, always get a local writer to write the post, and do not take help from an AI translator since they can make the post sound artificial.

Creating a connection with humans requires words put through actual human emotion.

3. Practice Local SEO Tricks For Your International Target

Every SEO practice has its separate perks. For example, local SEO helps to enlist the business under google maps. It can also help attract a regional target audience, especially if you are planning to open a store in that locality.

You might even be at the top of the local search result with proper local SEO. Plus, you will be on top of your competitor’s list.

4. Use The Right Anchor Link

Once you start international link building, you have to stop thinking internationally and think from your local target audience’s point of view.

So rather than making your anchor text look international, make it sound local. Along with the local language, try to target their local dialect and connect with the audience as one of their own.

5. International Social Media Accounts

Every big design company has been using this trick for quite some time. They do not have one social media account for every country they target. Rather they have separate accounts with local SEO optimization and local anchor texts redirecting to sub-links.

This helps to streamline the expansion and implements separate optimization, advertisement, and aesthetics for separate profiles.