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Amex Acquires Artificial Intelligence Based Travel Application

Artificial Intelligence Technology

American Express has acquired an Indian-based application Mezi developed by two young Indians. The application is designed with artificial intelligence technology. As part of its initiative, Amex has acquired the app to provide a better user experience to cardholders.

The application Mezi, entirely powered by artificial intelligence technology aims to provide customized solutions to customers. The best feature of the app gives preference to travelers’ choices and arranges everything as per the request. Rendering booking service more feasible to customers.

Artificial intelligence fathoms user interest and provides services efficiently. It helps create new ways to connect with the customers and reinforce relationships.

American Experience believes the combination of technology and expertise is mandatory for the growing need for unique experiences. The service of AskAmex is already in use, since the first half of the year.

Now, Mezi is fully owned by the AMEX and will continue to work on core technologies, by expanding and enhancing its technology in travel concierge services.