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4 Remarkable Advantages of Enterprise Business Suite Upgradation

4 Remarkable Advantages of Enterprise Business Suite Upgradation

One of the key product categories for Oracle Corp. is the E-Business Suite. It is an integrated collection of business solutions for automating supply chain management (SCM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and customer relationship management (CRM) procedures inside enterprises. The e-business suite upgrade is also referred to as EBS. In less than 48 hours, you can receive a customized upgrade project plan that includes all corrections and testing procedures and is based on your specific system customization and usage.

Let’s examine some of the additional advantages that have made this upgrade essential for owners.

1. Long-Term Premium Assistance to Reduce the Overall Cost of Ownership.

The delivery of innovations and technological advancements that increase functionality, scalability, and usability as well as support the owner in meeting commitments by lowering the total cost of ownership is made possible by these upgraded enterprise business suits. These updated versions come with new features built on the newest technologies and a guarantee of premium support through the year 2031.

2. Easy Installation and Fresh Equipment.

With the help of Oracle’s Rapid Install tool, new versions of Oracle Fusion Middleware platform technologies, a new code level for applications, and upgrade scripts for moving existing data, PL/SQL, and schema to a new Oracle E-Business Suite release level can all be installed and deployed without hassle.

Additionally, Oracle EBS 12.2 offers increased compatibility for installation on pre-existing Real Application Clusters systems and database servers. The upgrading procedure is smooth and error-free thanks to the inclusion of two tools, EURC-DT and ETPAT-AT. With the aid of the EBS Technology Patch Automation Tool – Application Tier (ETPAT-AT), important EBS Release 12.2.0 application tier technology stack components like Fusion Middleware and WebLogic Server may be patched automatically.

Additionally, the Database Tier EBS 12.2 Upgrade Readiness Checker Tool (EURC-DT) executes By identifying necessary pre-upgrade actions and preventing common causes of failure, critical EBS pre-upgrade checks are based on a set of crucial technological criteria.

3. Very Little Downtime.

The online patching capability is the latest addition to this new improved edition of e-business suits. Enterprises may update their enterprise resource planning system while the systems are up and running and users are logged in, thanks to online patching.

It guarantees less downtime, particularly for producers in international organizations. As a result, application upgrades are prohibited annually, with each annual upgrade consisting of a cumulative collection and combination of bug fixes and new features. This eliminates the delay that results from upgrades, the loss of sales, and the inconvenience experienced by consumers during this updating process. Consequently, it is a comprehensive remedy.

4. Other Characteristics Include.

You have the chance to use new capabilities. You get to put your company in a position to use new technologies to meet commercial objectives. The possibility of facilitating adherence to regulations at a cheaper price by eliminating modifications and implementing standard procedures throughout your whole organization. using improvements to improve usability and performance. Increasing application effectiveness. Get the best application support possible. Maintaining eligibility for updates to regulations and taxes. Preparing your company to think about integrating cloud functionality into EBS.


Oracle is aware of how important your on-premises applications are to your business. You can avoid the possible risks of third-party support with e-business suite upgrade with Oracle Applications’ unlimited dependable, secure, all-inclusive support. Opkey’s powerful, no-code test automation assists you in avoiding time-consuming, expensive EBS upgrades. Spend less time, money, and effort upgrading Oracle EBS with the knowledge that your critical business processes won’t be affected.